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Breastfeeding Items Checklist Which No One Might Tell You

by Charu Juneja 24 Jul 2021 0 Comments


Nine months worth of tears & joys, patience & bliss, anxieties & excitements, efforts & comforts, planning & shopping and you are all set to bring your little life into this world. When it’s time to rush to the hospital, pre-planning is the key to move things smoothly and to never miss out a moment with your little one especially right after he/she is born. Hence, packing up a hospital bag and keeping things ready back at home has become a very important prenatal chore for young parents-to-be. 

Right after sharing the ‘good news’ all our experienced friends & relatives start giving suggestions related to the health of the baby and mother. But very few will guide you about the list of things to consider adding to your shopping-list for once the baby comes. Even as parents-to-be, all we think about is the baby shopping list- clothes, diapers, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. but they hardly consider the mother's needs, sometimes not even the mother herself. 

So here’s the list of rare-to-be-told items that one should add to her cart to have a soothing and comfortable journey with the newborn in arms. 

Nursing Pillows

Breastfeeding your baby can be one of the most beautiful experiences of motherhood. But the constant (every two hours or so) need to feed the baby may take a toll on mother’s comfort. Days may be still easy but when it comes to night, this task becomes harder. Nursing pillows are usually C-shaped (there are other designs also available) pillows which can be fixed around the mother's waist and give a comfortable position for not only the mother to feed but also the baby. Additionally, these pillows can be later used to tilt up the baby, for feeding food, tummy time and sitting with support. 

Nursing Covers

Another issue that we as new mothers face is feeding in public or when someone is around. Covering with a sheer ‘dupatta’ or a ‘pallu’ or blanket which keeps on slipping now and then can be so annoying. Besides as a worrisome mother we also have the urge to check every minute if the baby is feeding properly or not. Nursing covers are a modern and convenient substitute to the traditional ‘dupattas’ and ‘pallus’. It allows easy handling, ease of wearing and trouble-free checking the baby. It’s also more airy than the conventional options. Additionally, for the shy mothers it is a ‘no show’ relief. 

Nursing or Maternity Bras

Becoming a mother means increased breast size, so we all prep ourselves, right from the prenatal period to buy bigger size bras. These are a good idea but a better option is to buy nursing bras. We may have heard of it, but coming from personal experience, they are a life-saver. Nursing bras have detachable cups that allow opening only for the feeding area. So no more slipping the straps, no more opening the hooks or uncomfortable sliding of waist bands; it’s simply uncovering the need and the job is done!

Nursing or Maternity Tshirts/Kaftans

After the comfort of under-the-garment, comes the garment itself. It’s not just the pregnancy that changes our wardrobe, what also changes is the breast feeding phase. Mothers look for clothes that are easy to slip off partially to breastfeed the baby. This obviously leads them to uncomfortable and awkward situations. Thanks to the mom-focussed clothing brands that have introduced nursing shirts and gowns. With all the new-mother pressure there’s nothing better than a loose t-shirt or a kaftan. These can be worn right from the pregnancy period. They come with horizontal invisible zips that give easy feeding access without taking it off or pulling the whole t-shirt upto the chest. 

Breast Pads

We all know the benefits of breast milk and how important it is for the growth and health of the newborn. Sometimes a new mother is so blessed that she produces more than needed breast milk. Thanks to all the modern equipment like breast pumps that help in expressing and storing breast milk. But expressing milk may not be possible all the time, particularly when one is visiting out of home for long. No one wants to have wet spots right on the chest on your favourite dress. Here breast pads come in handy to save from this awkward situation. Simply placing it inside the brassiere will not just save the dress but will also give enough time to look for a secure place to express milk.

Nipple Cream/Butter

In the initial months, feeding every two hours can end up being painful for some. Since the baby feeds from it, it becomes important to keep the skin of that area healthy. Cracked skin can lead to issues that may sway away the mother from feeding the baby. It’s better to avoid such conditions by taking prior care with . To keep the area moisturized, healthy and less painful for the mom, nipple cream is a convenient option. It’s always good to use a trusted and organic brand. It’s recommended that before and after each feed mother should clean the area with water and wipe dry. This is not only healthy for the mother but also the baby.

Charu Juneja is a mother of two, a cute two years old boy and four years old golden retriever (she’s a proud dog-mom). She possesses a deep love for writing & reading. Coming from a marketing communications background, she has also contributed as freelance copywriter in the past. Besides this she is passionate about crafting and deals in handmade home decor/essentials pieces. Now after becoming a full-time mom, she aspires to share her thoughts and experiences of motherhood with others via various platforms. 

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