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4 Ways To Bond With Your New Born Baby

Like other relation parent baby relationship too requires a little bit of nurturing in all aspects of daily life. Bonding with the baby on day to day basis would increase...


“Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are....”

These are definitely the lines from a famous children’s rhyme but isn’t this also the emotion we mothers feel each time we look at our wonderful newborn babies? We are always in awe of our very own little stars.

For the love we already have for them and the special bond with baby that god has already created between a mother and child; we might at times set into fixed routines and forget to nurture this strong bond.

As with any other relation parent baby healthy relationship too requires a little bit of nurturing in all aspects of daily life. Bonding process with the baby on day to day basis would increase the child’s trust in its parents thereby creating strong foundation for healthy attachment for the future years to come.

Here I would like to share the areas and the kind of small efforts you can put in that would really large benefits for nurturing the secure attachment bond with your baby over time.

Wake up time

As soon as the baby gets up:

  • Eye contact :Greet them good morning with a big smile and ask them if they slept well.
  • Skin contact: Give her lots of love & warmth by hugging, kissing and cuddling.
  • Facial Expressions : Say them they are loved and it’s going to be a great day for us with big smile .

It will just take 5 minutes to pause and set a positive tone for the day before you kick start the other morning rituals of nappy changing, brushing etc. 

Bath and Massage Time

Often in Indian homes right after a child is born there are expert ladies who handle this department called ‘malish walis’. As a new mother it is completely fine to take their help to learn to handle this new being while your body is healing. But here is what you can do:

  • Be present and attentive when others are handling your baby.
  • Sing some rhymes or keep on talking to them so that babies don’t get scared and are aware that their mother is just around.
  • Once your body allows take the charge yourself. Start massaging and bathing on your own.

 A mothers touch, skin to skin is the most loved and comfortable feeling for child also good for baby emotional development . I have personally witnessed babies cry less when handled by their own mother. This is also because your gentle strokes are the one they are familiar with when you touched your belly whilst they were inside.

Do it for them with all your love and see for yourself how relaxed and calm they will be.

Feeding Time

As with us adults, the same goes for the babies that meals are better digested and accepted by the body when done attentively, relaxed and in a calm environment.

Bonding during Breastfeed Time

  • While breastfeeding, pay attention to the baby and keep your phone aside.
  • Feel the softness and warmth of their head while you gently run your fingers through their hairs. They also feel so much loved!!
  • Soak in the contentment of seeing your baby’s eyes half closed and then slowly falling asleep peacefully in your arms. Be present and attentive during such precious moments.

Bonding over Meal times

  • For older babies who have started eating; sit with them and have at least one meal as family. Slightly older babies develop better interest at eating when they see their parents eating together.
  • Talk to them about food. What they are eating, its color and texture and how it will help their body to grow. For ex. It’s steamed carrot...its red...soft in texture and helps maintain good eyesight.

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 Bonding over food enables them to appreciate family values and joy of eating together as a family right from the beginning.

Play Time

Play times are the most effective and stress free times to connect and make strong attachment  with the baby.

  • When you take your child to parks, involve and engage with them.
  • For small babies in prams just keep talking and showing them the outside world.
  • For a little older baby talk to them while walking...let them run a little as they are curious to explore around, show them around, and let them touch a few flowers and leaves if they want.
  • While taking them to swing enjoy with not just leave them on swing while you scroll through your phones.

Engage at every important time of their daily activities and see them happily bonding and loving you back forever.


Visual effects artist by profession, Sheena has worked on the post production of several bollywood and hollywood movies. Loves to write and paint in her spare time. Currently she is on her motherhood break and takes interest in enlightening other women with her motherhood experiences and knowledge.


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