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Being Attentive When Babies Start Crawling

As the baby starts crawling he do come across many things which can be beneficial sometimes and can be harmful too. So, here are some points which I wish to...

Being Attentive When Babies Start Crawling
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Crawling of babies add more precious moments in parents life and at the same time it add more advantage to babies, to explore themselves in many ways. It can be anything from taking objects in mouth or creating mess in house which add more charm. However as the baby starts crawling he do come across many things which can be beneficial sometimes and can be harmful too.

So, here are some points which I wish to mention so we can help our babies to explore with safety and at the same time they can enjoy.

Heavy objects:

We should take care of heavy objects, which must be placed down or should be kept in such a way that they should not be handy for babies, as they always have habit of pulling things and messing with them. This is because if any heavy object comes in contact with baby so as they are small, they do not have any idea about the things and they just do the actions; hence the reactions could be dangerous. So better we should place the heavy objects or things in such a way that, they should not harm to babies.

Floor must kept clean:

Sometimes it happens that instead of clearing everything from floor still some or the other thing left unattended from our end and that could be harmful for babies. It can be anything a comb, brush ,pen, notepad etc…so to avoid all this things; its better that we must keep all this things in a well mannered and to be taken care that babies are not left all alone. There should be someone with them.

Hot food to be kept away from them:

While, if we follow our traditional culture of sitting on floor and having food or even if we follow modern way of living so, we should keep in mind that hot food vessels to be kept far away from babies or else they can, anytime hit resulting in harming themselves.

Sharp edges to be covered:

Here we must be careful so that our babies to not get in touch with sharp objects or sharp edges and this can be anything. It can be a sharp knife lying on floor surface in kitchen than scissors, than edges of furnitures ;hence we have to be careful.

Bathrooms to be always closed:

Sometimes it happens that doors of bathroom remains open and due to which babies are tend to reach in bathtubs or may  be filled vessels which can be again results into a harmful experiment for toddlers.

  • Not only this, however we must be alert for few more things like electric sockets to be covered as sometimes accidentally babies come across so which may leads to be bad nightmare.
  • Slipper stand must be out of reach of babies as they, out of curiosity of grabbing things mostly go near to those slippers and start to explore which again results into health concerns.
  • Doors must be always kept closed or must be held open with a doorstopper so to avoid any mishaps.

Hence, we must be always attentive whenever we come across with above referred circumstances.

Kindly let me know if anything left from my end to be covered or your experience with your babies if any….




Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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