Beautiful Moms: Channeling Flaws Beautifully

Beautiful Moms: Channeling Flaws Beautifully
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There is about an ocean full of knowledge on internet and from the experienced, about what it’s like to be a mother. We are barged with information on what should and should not be done once the baby is born. But everything just turns around when we have our little ones with us. All that we have learnt sometimes doesn’t fit right if tried to be implemented in our ongoing life. So we experiment and implement.

Being a mom is a continuous learning process. From the time our first child is born till our last breath. We give our everyday to understand these creatures that we have created. They put us through all the highs and lows. Emotionally, mentally & physically. As tough as it is for us to deal with, we unknowingly explore all the hidden parameters of our mind and body.

There is a reason why mothers are called the strongest. It is because they are forced to the peak of their emotions, and they are bound to overcome physical hardships. Those, some consider being a negative aspect of a mom’s life. But if seen from a different perspective, it is indeed a positive one.

Here are some points to keep in mind for channeling our emotional flaws into pros-

1. We moms know our strengths and weaknesses:  This is the biggest plus point that a human being can have. To know our flaws and strengths. But only knowing this does not help us. We should know how to convert that into our benefit. For example my weakness as a mom is to ‘speak my mind’. It turns out to be pretty bad when I say things like “I had already told you so” in public. But this and all of the other things that you want to just pour out can be expressed by either public speaking or writing (like I do).

2. Convert your anger: All moms have anger issues! Yes, we do not admit it, but it’s true. Kids bring out the worst in us sometimes. And thanks to them, we now know to what extent our anger can reach. This extreme level of anger can be transferred to something that all of us want to do. Exercise! If you want that body you are wishing for, consider it done. Every time you are provoked, hit the gym or exercise at home. But vent it all out.

3. Moms care too much: Caring too much starts trending for us when we become a mom. It’s a sudden flood of care & worry that empowers us. As our kids become independent, they want space. And it’s necessary, but somehow that starts affecting our health. Well, the concern is there, no matter what we do, so why let not make use of it! Affection can be put to use in many ways. You can adopt a pet. They need all the affection in this world. Or you can do charity. And even day care is something that you will be appreciated. Giving is caring!

4. A constant need to control: We gain this from teaching and controlling kids of what should & should not be done in every minute of our life. Perhaps you can indulge your need for control In a hobby. You can simply divert it towards an activity that will help you embrace your weakness, and turn it into a quality. You can start by taking cooking classes; it is something that requires measuring & controlling. Or if you like to organize things, you can start a business of being a professional organizer. Many more options, you just have to choose!

All these aspects are a part of ‘behavior’ and ‘emotions’.  They are a part of our everyday life. They are a part of us. Part of our personality and who we are. So do not worry about them, just think of how you can engage your mind in a positive direction. What are your hyper emotions that you want to channel into something productive?




Aishwarya K

Aishwarya K, a content developer by profession. She is pursuing psychology and loves to quill poetry as a hobby. An Instagram lifestyle & fashion influencer with more than 5.4k followers. Writing is her getaway. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook at Aishwarya K.




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