Be Wise with Your Maternity Clothes!

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As I am in my second trimester and not fitting into most of my clothes, I am totally into the research before I go on a shopping spree to look the best during my pregnancy and after the delivery too. The confirmation of my pregnancy got me excited about shopping first! (Just a lady thing! I know you can relate.) Maybe it’s just the first pregnancy thing! But hello, firsts are always special.

Buying maternity clothes seems like a small decision but if you think about the long term, you will understand how much thought we have to put in before we buy maternity clothes. Shopping is fun otherwise but maternity and baby shopping feels like a big responsibility.

Consider the following things before you buy maternity clothes: 

What you can wear: You get to wear anything during pregnancy these days, thankfully. So, you can wear denims, leggings, frocks, one-pieces, midis, gowns, etc. If you are choosing to wear pants, make sure the material is stretchy and flexible enough and it’s not hurting your growing belly. Flowy frock style dresses, midis, one-piece are the most comfortable apparels. You don’t have to wear boring clothes during pregnancy. But be careful! Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable for you. Fashion and maternity clothes go hand in hand at The Mom Store. Choose clothes according to the weather in your region and as per your choice. Wear anything comfortable and flaunt your baby bump!

Size: Your regular apparel size is the same for maternity clothes, so you don't have to worry about what size to buy. Don’t buy a bigger size than your regular size while buying maternity clothes. If you buy from a specific store for mom-apparels, they know you would be confused about your size. So don’t worry, choose the size that you generally Be wise with your maternity clothes!

Material: First and the most important aspect before you consider buying maternity clothes is the cloth material. Comfort is the first priority for any pregnant woman. The material should be stretchy, flexible, light and smooth. Hosiery, cotton, polyester, and georgette fabrics are easy to carry and very light to wear. There is a lot of variety to choose from.

ear. If you are buying online, the online stores have a size-guide to help you choose the correct size.

When to buy: You can wear your regular clothes till the 16th 17th week but your baby-bump will start showing after the 17th week and you might need to buy some clothes. I know our previous generations might have never considered buying special clothes for your maternity days. Wearing any loose dresses was a trend. But now we have an option of being trendy about it and flaunting the baby bump. Consider buying A-line clothes that you can wear even during your third trimester. It’s an investment that you can definitely make for your comfort and joy. Choose something that will last for your post-pregnancy days. 

Let me also know if you have done your research before buying maternity clothes and leave your suggestions below in the comments.

Have a happy, comfortable, and fashionable pregnancy!

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