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Baby Wear For February Winters

by Dipannita Das 07 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Baby Wear For February Winter
Photo by Alin Dragu on Unsplash



Winters are the most loved season of the year. It is so much fun wearing all the winter clothes, jumps into your blanket, and enjoys hot and delicious foods. For kids, this season brings a lot of fun and excitement.

Walking in the park during sunlight and enjoy the chill breeze at the same time is something winters are famous for. Being parents, you stay alert as the season falls in because it is a season of cold and cough too.

Choosing the right set of babywear is very important for winters. Newborns to toddlers need extra care and protection so that they do not catch a cold too easily. I will share some basic winter essentials for babies so that it helps you keep the kids safe during winter.

  1. Swaddle Cloth- Newborns need extra warmth and that is why swaddle muslin cloth is the best choice. They are 100% cotton, soft and pure. Know how to swaddle a baby and wrap the baby to give warmth.
  2. Caps- The chilly weather breeze enters through baby's ears and that causes cold and cough. So, you must keep caps and beanies handy in 2-3 pieces to protect their ears. Newborns, infants, and toddlers need it.
  3. Mittens and Socks- Mittens, gloves, and socks are essential to protect and keep the hands and feet of the babies warm. They are available in various prints and colors to make the winters colorful.
  4. Thermals- Thermal upper vest and lower pants are available in sets. It is a must item when the temperature falls too much. Thermals keep the chest protected and keep the baby warm.
  5. Flannel fabric clothing set- They are available in great and cute prints. Flannel fabric is very warm and keeps your baby cozy. You can buy the running fabric and then stitch the dress or pant shirt as per the baby's size.
  6. Full Sleeve Cotton Tshirts and Shirts- Full sleeve shirts and T-shirts are great to help to keep your baby protected. Have them in good numbers in your baby's wardrobe.
  7. Full Pants- From newborns to toddlers, babies need full pants. It protects their legs from the chilly winter.
  8. Shoes- Shoes are a must for babies. For infants and toddlers where walking and running is common. Shoes protect their feet and they can walk and run freely.
  9. Sweatshirt- It looks trendy, stylish, and protects your kids from the bad winter weather. If you are going out with your child, then a sweatshirt is trendy and looks good on babies.
  10. Sweaters- Both machine and hand-knitted sweaters are great for kids. Hand knitted sweaters are special when grandmothers stitch them for babies. These hand-knitted sweaters are like treasures for you. Even, online stores also offer you great colors and designs of sweaters and cardigans.


You can buy for your babies and dress them up in a stylish way yet give them the ultimate warmth in winter. These are some great winter wear essentials that you should have in your kid's wardrobe.



Dipannita Das
Dipannita is a stay-at-home freelancer and Youtuber mom. She believes in gender equality and finds perfection in imperfection. You can connect with her on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.




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