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An Open Letter To COVID-19 By My Little One

by Kanupriya Bhargava 02 May 2020 0 Comments


An Open Letter To COVID19

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash



"Dear Corona Virus

I don’t know much about you, but mummy papa was telling that you are very dangerous and scarier than a lion. Mummy told me that even if I touch you, I will fall ill and simultaneously everyone in the house will also get ill. Are you that scary? I have heard a lot about you as mummy and papa keep discussing about you with each other or over the phone with friends and relatives.

Papa keeps telling me to wash my hands after every half an hour with soap & water or with sanitizer for more than 20 seconds, even if they are not dirty. I have been told to remain in the house as you are roaming outside. Is that true? Are you roaming outside my house? Then why can’t I see you from the window!!

There have been a lot of changes happening around me. It’s so tough and every day is filled with uncertainty. We have been staying inside the house the whole day for so many days now. With this I am happy also and sad.

I am happy because I can spend more time with mummy & papa as earlier every day they used to go to office, and I used to go to daycare. We play so many games and read books throughout the day. Sometimes they do binge watching at night, while I manage to watch only in bits and pieces as it is my sleeping time. But they are good to me, they sometimes allow me to watch tv during the day when they both have their office calls at the same time. That’s the only best part, when I am free to do anything I want. I know that’s not right, I am taking undue advantage of the situation, but then I am loving it.

Also, one thing that is strange is we have been doing a lot of video calls to our relatives and friends who would otherwise come to our house quite often. Mummy was telling we are maintaining social distancing.

Corona Virus, you know what I can’t even meet my friend who stays next door. Mummy is not allowing me to step out. Are you standing outside my door? If yes, I want to put sanitizer on you so that you can just disappear. With her also I had to do video call.

At the same time, I am sad also, because I can’t go out in the garden to play with my friends. I am not allowed to step out of the door. I can’t go for walk or do cycling downstairs. Papa was telling me to cycle in the house, he is so funny. Earlier he used to tell me not to cycle in house or run in the house and now he is telling me to do the same thing. I can’t go to the day care also where I used to have so much fun. I am missing all my friends. It is difficult to talk to them over video call as I cannot hug them or hold them. How can I play hide and seek in the video call?

These days, I am watching Ramayan, I can now understand, how Sita Maa would have felt about not crossing the Lakshman Rekha. I am just wondering when I will cross my ‘LAKSHMAN REKHA’.


Corona Corona go away,

Please don’t come ever again,

Lil Miru wants to play

Corona Corona go away….


Yours lovingly,




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Kanupriya Bhargava

Kanupriya Bhargava is a marketing professional from Mumbai, who is also documenting the little moments of her daughter that can be cherished for life. Connect with her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Miraya_diaries/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kanu.bhargava  and LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kanubhargava18

She also writes blogs that can be read on www.mirayadiaries.wordpress.com


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