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Usually, kids hate to see their mothers work. They are used to a mom's fretting attention since birth and when she diverts the eyes towards the laptop, they probably don't like it, to say the least.

This is not to say they aren't considerate or understanding. Most kids will sit quietly, immersed in their little world while mom finishes odd chores around the house. But that doesn't last for long and they need a new game.

Whether you're a working mom or not, it is difficult to spare time for themselves when it comes to kids. No wonder millennial mothers are inclined towards working from home. As for me, I try to manage my freelance work in between my son’s nap time, and other activities. Most of the times, these other activities are improvised on the spot from time to time or as the situation demands.

  • Colors

Which kid doesn’t like colors? Mine does, but he also gets bored easily. He starts by coloring the books he is given and then proceeds to display his artistic prowess on furniture and walls. I don’t mind much as it gives his ideas wings and me, a little bit of time to get my work done. After a while, he tries to unwrap the crayons or even break them so, I keep a stack of small ones and give it to him one at a time.

  • Bubble baths

My two-year-old loves splashing about in the water. Needless to say, summer is his favorite time of the year when he can just immerse in the bathtub full of bubbles and enjoy his toys. This time could be a breather for most mommies out there who just want to stretch their backs. This therapy can not only help kids expend their energy in a useful exercise and feel sleepy but also help mothers relax a bit and enjoy some me-time. However, this doesn’t work during the winter months.

  • DIY toys

As I mentioned before, my kid tends to get bored with his toys easily. So, I learn some DIY such as making a train or a bird, often with cardboard cutouts. This keeps him interested and busy exploring the new subject. Once I make one of those he leaves me alone for half an hour or more to play with the new toy. If you can follow some of the videos, these toys are rather easy to make.

  • Little bites

Sometimes kids are very cranky and won’t leave your side. This can be very irritating for mothers. A simple option is to give them something to munch on. Like fresh fruits or veggies, dry fruits, boiled pulses or something like that. Most of the times kids are hungry and don’t know how to communicate so they cling to their mother. Making these bites more flavourful will also help them get the required nutrition while also keeping them engaged for some time.

  • Dance to party songs

There's nothing better than a hip party song to relax you at the end of the day and give both mom and kid some quality bonding time. I love to dance with my kid. He jumps all around the house and I also get some fun exercise without much interruption.

The bond between a mother and her child is quite unique. So is, naturally, their ways to make time for themselves. It's no secret that kids just love to follow their mothers around. Amidst caring for your baby and finishing up the work, moms – both working remotely and homemakers, need time for themselves as well. These tips could help you engage the attention of your child without resorting to excessive exposure to digital devices.



Priya Nair
Priya is a freelance writer for 5 years and a mom of 2 year old. She has been working towards making new mothers' lives easier and happening. 
You can contact her on Facebook.

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  • Posted on by Nirupama ghosh

    Hi priya congrts.this is really a good try.go ahead

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    Impressive work..keep it up 👏👏👏👏

  • Posted on by Priya

    You have put out every cute little moments so nicely into words and explained it so well.. I could relate going through the scenes ,the splashes of water ,colors around whole room ,the dancing mom and son. Aha those smiles and expression.Worth reading it. Keep writing and sharing the time you spend with ur little warrior.

  • Posted on by Asif

    A handy guide to the strong moms out there who are trying to balance their home and work both. Great work. Keep being an inspiration and help through your mighty pen. 🤗

  • Posted on by Rahul Singh

    Great work and really impressive 👍

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