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A "Work At Home" Mom

The essence of real happiness lies in a society where the women are confident, educated, happy and respected. I urge all the women right there to maintain your happiness quotient...

A "Work At Home" Mom


Motherhood is a wonderful phase of life. It changes a woman's world to a great extent. It is a divine blessing to be a mother. Every mother wants the best for its child. Be it a working mother or a stay at home mother (SAHM), the job is unconditionally full of love and care. It is good to give that happy rating to yourself on a daily basis.

WMs and SAHMs: It is nice to be a trendsetter and setting a new trend which is good for the society reaps great benefits. We can't calculate or measure on any scale the work and responsibilities of a mother.
Be it a working mother or a SAHM, both work tirelessly to give the best to their children.

WMs: This pandemic has rightly taught us many things and has changed many lives. Working mothers have too started doing work from home. Their home has become their workplace. The balance they create with work, family and kids is commendable. They have to give their hundred percent at all the places. Their 9 to 5 job is now extended and work seems endless. The work that they accomplish with commitment, dedication and smiles is really commendable.

SAHMs: The ‘stay at home mother’ is usually called a housewife or a homemaker. I completely agree with the term homemaker as she is the one who makes the house a better place to live in. She isn’t working under somebody but her timings are never fixed. Nobody on the earth could describe her work as it’s unutterable. From morning till midnight, she is on her toes fulfilling each responsibility that’s showered on her shoulders.

Does the SAHM really stays at home?
Now the question arises, Does the SAHM really stays at home? Well, you know the answer very well. Isn’t it people?
She never simply stays at home but works at home. If this simple difference gets understood by the people, her respect and dedication towards her work will definitely increase by leaps and bounds. I came across a Meesho advertisement few days back that says ‘A perfect roti can’t define you but a perfect career will’. Majority would agree with meesho as a homemaker gets great confidence when she earns money by doing the thing she loves the most. I too agree but there is a time for everything. But when the concept of perfect roti gets undervalued that is unacceptable.

‘A Work at home’ mother
So dear readers, Can you accept the new definition of the SAHM? Well I just love it as it justifies her tasks and duties. Taking care of the house and family is of utmost priority. And you can only love and care for your loved ones if you make yourself a priority. Self-love is a necessity in today’s world. Being a woman, you are responsible for almost all the things that are related to your loved ones. So dear ‘Work at home’ mother, you are simply fantastic. You are educated and your education is not just about doing a job or a business.

Real education and goals
So WAHMs, the real education lies in your lifestyle- the way you enrich the life of your loved ones, give moral values to your kids and add endless smiles to the peoples’ lives. Setting a short and long term goals are good. Short term goals include the little ‘me’ moments, meditation, yoga, nutrition based cooking and other types of wellness that make you feel worthy and contended. Long term goals include fulfilling your big dreams for which you require lot of time, energy and effort. Dreaming the impossible and having the patience to achieve your goals is what is required. But I request you no matter what you do in future, the designations ‘Work at home’ mother or a Homemaker are respectable and something that you should be really very proud of !

The essence of real happiness lies in a society where the women are confident, educated, happy and respected.  I urge all the women right there to maintain your happiness quotient on a good scale. Do more of what makes you happy from inside. A ‘work from home’ mother earns money but a ‘work at home’ mother doesn’t , but may we rise all above this and treat her with great respect as she too helps you in maintaining good health which in turn helps the family members to perform the best at their workplaces. Recently, my husband’s friend came home for dinner. His wife came to the kitchen and asked me, Hey Sakshi, Are you working? I said, ‘YES’. She surprisingly asked, ‘Where‘? I answered with a big smile, ‘In the kitchen, right infront of you’.

Job, business, home are all the workplaces that should be respected. Do you agree, people? Currently, my workplace is my home and I am really proud of it because I can keep an eye on my 4.9 year old boy too. Happiness lies in being yourself whether you do job, be a homemaker, homepreneur or a businesswoman. So, where is your happiness hiding? Looking forward to read it in comments below.


Sakshi Dua Phutela is a postgraduate in master of economics honors from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is a ‘work at home’ mother, speaker, lifestyle blogger and a creative artist. You can reach her on Instagram and Facebook.

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