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A Happy Mother = A Happy Baby!

Giving Birth is Divine! While everyone around celebrates and is fascinated about ‘Birth’, the ‘Post-Partum Deal’ is a Task! Battling the Pandemic Pregnancy Hues...

19th October, 2020 is etched in my heart for eternity! The day I was reborn, this time as a Mother! Giving birth is Soul satisfying, giving birth is Life Changing! Giving Birth is Divine! While everyone around celebrates and is fascinated about ‘Birth’, the ‘Post-Partum Deal’ is a Task!

Battling the Pandemic Pregnancy Hues, Birthing amidst a pandemic and being a first time mother, I had started my research & preparations early by setting the basics right!
By research & preparations, I meant ‘Preparing the mind and calming the ‘Hormonal tsunami’ which was scheduled to follow. 

Today I am five months down this ‘Precious Journey’ to being called Qaynaat’s mommy (Yes, my darling daughter is my Universe and hence I have named her ‘Qaynaat’) and I have somewhere from my extensive reading and experiences, derived a magical equation!

A Happy Mother = A Happy Baby!
And to help out my fellow motherhood community I chose to pen down some of my key findings and sure shot tools which keep my love and joy flowing and making me the Happiest Mother of my Universe!

There we go………

Treat yourself and celebrate your strengths

It’s very important to celebrate your strengths and feel good about them. Ever since I birthed I had this thing of documenting this priceless journey and capture these precious moments! Post my delivery, I had a lovely time capturing the moments of my life, my heroic childbirth and celebrating my strong self. I made sure my husband and I clicked so many selfies with our little one and cut cakes, off course with a Mask on!

Cuddle up

Ever since Qaynaat was born and placed in my arms, I made sure to follow a Hug Habit! Hugs, kisses and cuddles are magical and the healing and positivity that they spread is beyond imagination! Happy moms cuddle their kids at every chance they get, which has an enormous set of proven synergistic benefits for the Mom and the Baby! 

In my terminology, I’d define Hugs and Kisses as the ultimate Heal pills, which ever existed in the history of Medical Sciences.

Nourish yourself and Feed Your Soul

For those of you moms who believe that nourishment and nurturing thyself is limited only to the pregnancy period, you’ve got it absolutely wrong! I am a believer of taking care of my mind and body and feeding them with nourishment all lifelong! And motherhood only made this belief even stronger as I have a little soul depend on me! Eating right portions and satisfying my food cravings was always something I took very seriously and believe me that helped me remain energetic and fabulous! 

Connect to a Creative Calm/ Live in a ‘Hobby Habitat’

It’s important to unleash your creative juices for the happy hormones to flow! Be it writing, reading, music, sculpting, flower decoration, painting, cooking, blogging or just connecting to Mother Nature, engaging in creative hobbies helps a lot. I am passionate about writing and love to pen down my thoughts on Motherhood, My Bonding Stories with Qaynaat, the Baby Milestones every month after month and so much more. This activity really makes me feel empowered and special. I also tried my hands on activities like sculpting, painting and stuff which I had never experienced before, via workshops and seminars and believe me it was very soothing! 

One tip here would be to carve out something for the baby and I just did that when I painted a tie dye onesie for Baby Q and also painted a flamingo on her white little dress!

Love the one you're with

The happiest moms don't compare and compete. Neither they, nor their kids, nor their cars, nor their houses have to be the smartest, cutest, newest, or nearest. 

I am a working professional and also a PhD research Scholar! Being extremely workaholic and having a hard earned successful career and an aspiring research platform, breaks are something that set you thinking…rather worrying! 

But I was always a firm believer of my timelines and more importantly myself!

And also grateful for God’s timely gift in my life, my Baby!

I had made my mind crystal clear on the preferences I gave to the priorities and hence, competing or comparison from any fellow mom never touched even the superficial layers of my body!

I am blessed, I am trying my Best, I am at my Own Pace, I am Happy and Content, I am always ready to learn are key Mantras I always Adopted.

Trust the Mom Intuition & Celebrate Each Moment 

In a world full of advice, just trusting my mom instincts (alongside the paediatrician’s word obviously) is what keeps me sane and sorted! I am with my baby all the time and I make sure I observe and have a watch! I know its vibe and have a strong bond with my baby at the energy level! So keeping advice at bay, I trust my mommy instincts and celebrate our association, all day every day in every way! After all, we moms live for those precious little moments with our little wonders, don’t we?

So mommies, level up, celebrate and infuse this Universal Law in your hearts and mind……

A Happy Mother = A Happy Baby!

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Esha Bhavin Shah is a Pharmacy Academician by profession, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner & Trainer by passion (Corporate & Academia), PhD Research Scholar, Blogger & Content Writer and kinaesthetic performer by heart!

Mama Q (Mother to Qaynaat) 

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