9 Lessons I Learnt From The Lock-down Phase


9 Lessons I Learnt In The Lockdown Phase

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It’s been four months in this lockdown. I am sure we all have learnt many lessons in this period. How this time has changed our insight and perspective. I have learnt many new life lessons during this COVID 19 phase and sharing the most important one’s here.

1. Be a Minimalist- In this lockdown phase, I realised there is a difference between the actual needs and desires. Being a minimalist means creating the best choices only what is essential. We have realised that our needs are very few. We can cook with minimal resources, we haven’t done any clothes shopping since the lockdown has started then also we have plenty of clothes.

2. Health is wealth – This lockdown has taught us that health is the most important thing in our life. Rest everything is secondary. We are taking care of hygiene more than before. We have included meditation, yoga in our daily routine, just to keep us healthy and fit.

3. Appreciate small things- This period taught me to value small things in life. It means practising gratitude for those every day things that are easy to take for granted or miss altogether.

4. Family is the biggest strength – The love of the family members is the strength which keeps strong in these tough times. We are spending quality time with our family, which was missing before because of a hectic life.

5. 12 hours are enough for a day- Before this lockdown phase, I never came to know that I can do everything and I will get time for rest also. Initially, I was in the panic mode that maid is not coming and there are so many things to do. Gradually I learnt, those twelve hours are enough for each and everything to complete the house chores and other things in the house.

6. We can do anything and everything – In this period I have played many roles, all-time chef, barber, beautician, teacher plumber electrician and what not. I felt that nothing is impossible when time demands, we are capable of doing anything.

7. Counting our blessings – This is a very tough phase, some people have lost their jobs, living without food, became homeless due to poverty. Some people suffering from loneliness and depression. If you have sailed through these difficulties, then you should count your blessings.

8. Internet is a lifesaver- In this tough phase when we are confined to our houses. Schools and offices are closed. It’s the Internet, which is making our life easier. The office work and the teaching and studying everything is happening through the internet. We are connected to our family and friends through various apps.

9. Lockdown has given us a fresh and pure environment – I felt that apart from changes in our daily lives. Nature has also some positive changes. Recently I have read that Himalayan mountain range invisible from Jalandhar. It shows that atmosphere is clean and clear. We are breathing fresh air. Flaura and fauna are in better shape. Everyone is at home so because of a substantial reduction in travel. We are witnessing this beautiful change in nature.




Saumya DwivediSaumya Dwivedi has done Post graduation in Mass Communication and an MBA in HR. She stays in New Delhi. She is a homemaker by choice and mother of a five years son. She writes blogs, short stories, captions, quotes and poems on various platforms. She has won many contests in writing. Writing is like therapy for her and the biggest stress buster. She writes from her own experience of motherhood. She also loves travelling and reading.



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  • Posted on by Nalinee

    Great Saumya…….
    Very well penned.Always love your writing.lots of love

  • Posted on by Sarita

    This is so beautiful, loved it a lot , I agree with all the points you highlighted..

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