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7 Ways To Make Your Child Independent!!

by Supriya Sharma 26 May 2021 0 Comments


Which Mom will not be proud seeing her little one grow into a confident and independent soul? Watching your child learn basic life skills and having the pleasure to see them practice it in their daily life is nothing less than bliss. But, if you are quizzed about how to inculcate independence in children, this article might help you a lot!

Being a mother of a child often changes the way we look at small and often irrelevant things. We become extra cautious with each decision involving our kid. But, while being overly-protective we fail to realize that we are depriving our child of the ability to become independent early in life. 

This is where this article helps you out in the simplest and easiest 7 ways possible to make your child independent. So, read on and know for yourself;

Let the child choose: We parents are often so overwhelmed with love and adoration for our child that we end up deciding everything for them. This is because we as parents want to provide not only the best tour little angels. But if you are not offering choices to your child and asking them just to follow what you plan for them, this may bring a feeling of dependency and irritation after a few years. Rather you can give choices to your child and let them choose. This makes them aware about their likes and dislikes, interests and moods and also helps them in developing cognitive abilities. You should ask them what breakfast they want to eat, which dress they want to wear, which toy they want to play with or simply what they want to do next. 

Self-help: Self-help is the best help you can give your child. While you are helping him in doing anything for the first time, don’t forget to show him literally and in an interesting way how it is done. This will encourage the child to try on the said activity by himself the next time. They may not be able to do it perfectly, there is when you join in and finish the task in hand, and appreciate the child for all the efforts he/she put in. Appreciation will act as a catalyst next time the same task needs to be performed and your child will learn to do it in no time. Remember, it is not important that your child finishes a task completely correct, it is important that they keep trying.

Sticking to a routine: Kids love routine and thrive on them. It brings a sense of advertisement in the young mind of the child. Setting up a schedule and following it daily gives an idea to your child as to what is following next and they are well-prepared for the next thing in the schedule. A routine helps the kid initiate actions which they know are anticipated. For example, if a child rushes to wash his hands after finishing his meal and gets positive approval for the same, he will be elated to do the same next time with high spirits.

Take their help: Parents should involve and take help from their kids as much as possible in day-today life, because this is what’s going to teach them valuable life lessons. If you are folding laundry, give a few clothes to them too, this keeps them engaged and gives them a chance to try out basic life skills hands on. Don’t forget to thank them later for all their time, efforts and help.

Assign duties: Assigning duties is a great learning tool to swiftly walk your child through the path of independence.  You can assign small duties like picking their toys after playing; keeping their plate in the sink after meals, feeding birds, etc. These may seem like nothing to you but on accomplishing each duty the child feels very confident and self-motivated to carry out more duties. This simple change will make them responsible for their actions which is the greatest virtue of independence.

Me time: Just like you love some alone time, the kids need some ‘Me Time’ too. Carefully manage some time for the child where he is happily surrounded by all his toys and favorite things. Let him decide which activity to choose, how to play and the sequence of play. Organizing everything for them always will leave them with very little scope for brainstorming. Otherwise they will always look for you to decide what to play and to wait for you to set the play rules. Let them be creative and invent a game or two of their own. Remember, it may not make sense to you, but it may be the best game they have played in awhile.

Let him make mistakes: All us parents wish and put efforts in raising a well-behaved and kind kid. But, many times we correct the child or guide him in the right direction even before he has made a mistake. Children learn from their mistakes just as we adults do, it is called heuristic learning. Heuristic learning is learning from one’s own experiences. Give your child a chance to build his own set of experiences. These experiences help him to determine a path for himself.

We as parents are so involved in well-being and taking care of our child that we sometimes forget that the little human being needs their own share of experiences, space, growth and respect from us elders. Hope this article helps you in understanding the sensitive complex personalities of the little genius running around your home.

Supriya is an academician with 9 years of experience. But, after embracing motherhood 2 years back, she is enjoying her break along with the determination to help fellow mommies with her experiences and tips on parenting. 

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