7 Things You Must Do for Your Maternity Photoshoot


Maternity Dress for Photoshoot

Little bub is about to arrive, and these are the last few weeks you can enjoy with your husband. While you embrace every bit of your pregnancy body and the bump feeling those little kicks as life grows inside you, it’s just so important to capture this amazing time and beautiful memories before your little one arrives and literally becomes the center of your universe. Baby showers and maternity photoshoots are a way to celebrate this amazing journey you are about to embark on.


Here are 7 great tips for having the perfect maternity photoshoot:


  1. Choose a Beautiful Setting

Where would you like to do your maternity photoshoot? Are you a nature person? Combining your maternity photoshoot with your babymoon in some exotic locales would be a great idea if budget allows it. Otherwise, it could be something nostalgic such as where you and your hubby first met and started your journey together. Choose a place which evokes memories and feelings so that it adds to your pregnancy glow while you pose for the shutterbugs!


  1. Invest in a Maternity Gown

Pregnancy is no less than a miracle, and moms are no less than Goddesses. You should use this time to pamper yourself every bit, and look and feel like a Goddess. Buy a nice maternity gown which flows seamlessly over your curves and accessorize with a tiara, wreath or Greek braids. 


  1. Get a Good Photographer

This is imperative. You should do the shoot with someone who you are comfortable with, who understands your taste, and more importantly likes to keep it candid and not over the top. Interview your prospective photographers, look at their previous work and then take a decision.


  1. Get some interesting props

The best photos come when you are having fun. Get some quirky and fun props for the photoshoot (besides Mom to Be and Dad to Be). Laugh, have fun and enjoy yourselves completely and then see the magic of photography unfold!


  1. Follow social media # for maternity photoshoots and babyshowers

This will give you a lot of ideas for your own shoot drawing from other’s experiences. There might be several ideas you can pick up from different shoots/experiences that may work well for you!


  1. Put on some nice romantic music during the shoot

Photography shoots can be awkward and not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. Put on some music, you will find yourself becoming groovy and in mood for some romantic poses!


  1. Invite some close friends and family

If possible, get some close friends and family to be there with you on the day of the shoot. This will ensure someone is there to see your dress is right, make up is not smudging and they can do all the heavy lifting as you strut around in your pregnant belly. Moreover, they can too be a part of your shoot towards the end for some fun pictures!


So all mommies-to-be, go there have fun! This is the time, life ahead will be beautiful, but you wont have so much time to pamper yourselves as you do now!

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