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5 Ways To Stay Fit During The Pandemic

by Urvashi Newar 10 Sep 2020 0 Comments

5 Ways To Stay Fit During The Pandemic

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Staying fit will not only keep you healthy physically, but will also work wonders for your mental and emotional health. We all are home bound due to the ongoing pandemic but that doesn't mean you should stop exercising just because you are not able to go to the gym, do yoga or play tennis. In fact, it is more important to stay fit during these tough times to keep yourself sane. 

Whether you are a professional working from home or a homemaker managing everything; your physical and mental health should be your top priority. Have a look at these amazing 5 ways to stay fit during the pandemic:

  • You can do some easy strength exercises which only need your body weight. Pushups, lunges and sit-ups are good options. You can play your favourite song to lift up your spirit.
  • Yoga can work like magic during these stressful times. There are many videos online which will help you master yoga asanas in no time. You can even take online classes from a professional yoga teacher. What better way to start your day than with a power packed session of yoga. It will keep your energy levels super high during the whole day.
  • Meditation will help you calm your mind and body. Just 15 minutes daily and you are good to go. You should set realistic expectations when it comes to meditation. You will not dissolve into white light or attain unconditional bliss in just a matter of a few days. Meditation is all about feeling and experiencing how you are. With a little practice, you will get more comfortable and will get a type of steadiness in your life.
  • Physically demanding household chores can also make you fit and burn those extra calories. Whether it is cleaning the house or making the bed; these chores will make you feel energetic and fit. You can play your favourite music to make these boring tasks a little interesting.
  • Getting adequate sleep is also an important part for staying fit and healthy during the pandemic. Stress and anxiety can change your sleep pattern and if you don’t get proper sleep then your body’s defense system can be affected. You need at least 8 hours of sound sleep for good health.

No matter what kind of fitness regime you follow, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. You can use an insulated water bottle to store warm water which you can drink throughout the day. Also include coconut water, fresh juice and lemonade in your daily diet plan. Make sure you eat your meals on time and include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

I am sure after reading this blog, you will be able to beat those blues and stay fit and healthy even during the pandemic. You should focus on improving your mental and physical health and learn to accept the uncertainty this pandemic has brought in. Good luck!




Urvashi Newar


Urvashi Newar has a great passion for writing. She has been into this line for almost 7 years. Mom to a 3 year old girl, she loves penning down her thoughts on motherhood. She believes in sharing her motherhood journey to help new mothers. 



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