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5 Ways to Ditch the Mom Guilt

Every mom has a plan chart even before the baby arrives, I did the same mistake. Babies don’t come with a schedule chart. Both baby and mom need time to...


Being a mom has made me so tired and so happy, my little one is 2.5 years old now. She is a blessing to our family. Motherhood is all about learning about strengths that I didn’t know I had.

I’m very proud of myself because I play peek-a-boo all day with her without showing a sign of tiredness, I face life like a rock even when no one is emotionally present.

For me, postpartum seemed like a whirlpool, the same routine but increased stress, sleepless nights, long hours of breastfeeding, visitors, and whatnot. But I kept calm because I knew this too shall pass.

I would like to share a few tips which I worked on to enjoy motherhood with calm,

Go with the flow: This is very tough to follow, I know every mom will have a plan chart even before the baby arrives, I did the same mistake. Babies don’t come with a schedule chart. Both baby and mom need time to understand each other.

Do what makes you happy: Self-care is an intentional routine choosing to keep you in priority. Below are few simple tips,
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Have an evening stroll with your baby in a greenery/calm place.
  • Read a book if time permits
  • Have fun talk with friends/ relatives over a call
  • Join the mommies group on social media, share baby milestones, photos and be a part of a fun community.

Ask for help: As mentioned above, have a like-minded community, where you can seek advice, share your thoughts and feelings. I bet you find most of all mom will be in the same state of guilt about parenting. Also, take the help of your in-laws and husband where it also helps in bonding with the baby, and you find some time to have a peaceful cup of tea. This will be a hit.

Focus on Quality Time: If you are a working mom, have a routine where you and your family share a commonplace for at least an hour, might be while having dinner or at balcony discussing how was your day and ask the kids about theirs, they feel friendly when you manage to have these sessions daily, sometimes they wait for the time to share something to you.

Do what works for you and your family: Every mom is different. Every baby is different. I firmly believe, take decisions corresponding to your family mindset. Don’t easily get influenced when someone advises on random things. Think and act only if it brings a smile to your family member’s face.

           Let me give you a few more Mindful ways to overcome this “Mom Guilt”

  • Recite positive affirmations.
  • Reclaim your identity
  • Don’t try to be a perfectionist
  • Journal all your thoughts.

Parenting seems JOY but the feeling, restlessness, sleepless nights, countless questions with no answers. Deciding between a daycare after school is best, or we are neglecting the kid, even though the kid is enjoying the phase of spending time with friends. These are the hardest situations but listen to your instinct leave the guilt.

Your turn,

Share with us your affirmations to quit the mom guilt, also comment on what’s working for you.


Meghana, a self-help writer, along with a full-time job, explored her passion for writing and followed her instinct, working as a content strategist and a graphic designer for a couple of national and international brands, she is here to share experiences on mommying her girl of 2.5 years old.

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