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5 Tips For Working Moms To Spend More Time With Their Kids

by Priya Nair 02 Jun 2020 2 Comments
5 Tips For Working Moms To Spend More Time With Their Kids
Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash



Hey there, working mom! How are you doing? Busy? Tired? Just one of those days when a project demands all your attention? Or maybe the meeting stretched longer than you expected?

That's old news.

Yet, another by-product of your work-life (that you are probably now used to ignoring) is the guilt you face for not giving enough time to your kids. Frankly, 24 hours a day is not enough time when it comes to children.

Regardless of how old the children are, most working moms struggle to spend more time with them at home.

So how do you deal with it?

It might help to know that according to a study, working moms trade more time with their children for better quality time.

But does your kid understand that? How do you make it up to them?

Here are simple ways to spend more quality time with your child and ease that nagging sense of guilt: 

The little things that count

  • Spend time of undivided attention

Attention is something that none of us could give 100 percent when it comes to kids. It is seen that kids of working parents are more understanding and tolerant but that doesn’t last very long. After your work, just find a period of 15-30 minutes to talk to your kid. Even if it’s difficult to understand for him or you but this sets the bond right and makes your kid feel cherished. During that time keep your phones and other electronic gadgets away and simply focus on your kid.

  • Find time to take your kid out

Most kids love to go out. Whether it is an amusement park or game zone they enjoy getting out of the house. Taking your kid out once a week or even a month can work wonders on their and your attitude. The fresh air and carefree ambience makes them cheerful and makes kid forget any lack of attention they might have observed from your end. This also helps in making the bond stronger between you two and helps you both relax in each other’s company.

  • Make a different recipe that your kid will love

The best way to make a baby go curious is by changing the taste occasionally. This especially appeals to the curiosity of younger kids. I generally feel guilty of not spending enough with my darling due to work pressure. To compensate for it, I prepare popsicles, a variety of smoothie or even home-made chicken nuggets in which he can participate. My two-year old is quite understanding most of the times and some of the times when he feels that mommy is not paying attention, he gets cranky. There is no need for new recipes every time just cut some fruits into interesting shapes. This would plant a smile on your cutie pie's face for a long time.

  • Make bedtime as ‘mom time’

It’s a very common ritual that most of the parents adopt, to put their kids to bed at night. This could get more soothing for your kid if you can massage your baby's hands and legs while telling him a story or singing a rhyme. This has two advantages. One, that the kid’s tired muscles relax and he can have good sleep. Secondly, touch therapy can heal your baby mentally, physically, and emotionally to grow into a happy person. Also, moms won’t have to worry about not spending much quality time with their babies. This gives them a good sleep while they dream away happily. You will notice a change in your kids’ attitude, full of smiles.

  • Indulge in an activity that interests you both

Some of us moms like to color, some may like to dance, some try singing and others like cleaning and putting things in order. My baby enjoys lending me a helping hand every now and then. So, when I am cleaning I give him a broom to sweep, with which he adorably tries to do a hopeless job, but this makes him happy from within. He makes me feel that he is there for me whenever I need him. Even if I am in the kitchen preparing dinner he would come and stand behind me, all I do is play a song and we both dance away to the tune. These activities are the best stress-busters for working moms.

They'll be proud of you

Managing work and home can be pretty stressful, especially if you have a baby to take care of. Even if your partner steps in to play "Eddie the Elephant" while you're in a Zoom meeting, that thought of not being there for your baby quietly rattles at the back of the mind.

It's a fact that kids demand a lot of quality and quantity time. However, carrying the burden of guilty conscience won't help. I know, because I've tried it.

With small changes here and there, we can tranquilize our guilt and show our utmost care towards our little bundle of joy. Have patience, a couple of years down the line, your child will appreciate and acknowledge everything you've done, both as a professional and a mom. And that is a trophy worth working hard for.




Priya NairPriya is a freelance writer for 5 years and a mom of 2 year old. She has been working towards making new mothers' lives easier and happening. 
You can contact her on Facebook.





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05 Jun 2020 Sam Smythe

All moms– both, working and stay at home, have my utmost respect. Handling so many things at once… You guys rock! Well-written post.

04 Jun 2020 Suravi Ghosh

Very informative and surely helpful for the working moms👏👏

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