5 Things To Do With Your Child During Summer Vacations



Summer holidays mean a long summer break for school going children in the month of April and May as they are the hottest summer month of the year in South India. These holidays are much look forward to and they are essential for the children to refresh and start a fresh academic year. An effective vacation implies fulfilling all the dreams of the children which have been kept in the mind for a long time. Vacation can be spent in any manner as our mind desires. A few suggestions to spend the summer vacation in an effective way are:

  • Plan for a holiday trip

It’s more fun and exciting to plan a group trip as there will be enormous learning experiences. The group you are going with should have a similar age group of your children as it enables them to get along with each other quickly. According to the age group of your children, plan the place, number of days and sightseeing. For example, in the age group between 3 to 10 years, you can plan for a place where there is a zoo, theme park, garden or beach. Wherever you take, explain to your children about the place, the souvenir, food and clothing. Encourage your children to participate in the events happening at the place where you visit. It should be a relaxation trip with fun activity.

  • Visiting your family member’s residence

During the vacations, parents take a break from your routine and plan family vacation like visiting relation’s residence for a week either in the same city or different city or some plans to go to hill station or water park in summer season . Every family is different and unique in their lifestyle and habits. Staying in a family member’s residence or new place helps the children to adjust to a new environment. Adjustability is very important for young children as it teaches them an essential life skill. Children too set in their own ways are highly spoilt and indulged. Through adjustability you learn about change of lifestyle such as the home atmosphere, food, taking turns, controlling anger, money and time management.

  • Attending Summer Classes 

Attending summer camp are a great way to add on the new skills and also interact with new peers. There are various camps organised for swimming, drawing, colouring, personality development, creative writing, dance, yoga, skating, theatre, sports etc. Find which one interests your child and enrol them as it would be a minimum duration of every day spent productively.

  • Spending perfect time at home

Some productive activities with the parents can be done at home during the holidays such as gardening, reading favourite books, decluttering home, learning household chores from parents, and handwork. There is nothing wrong with taking a nap in the afternoon during holidays as children have tight schedules during working days. 

  • Physical fitness

 Fitness is something very important to be taken care these days as obese lifestyle induces the diseases in young age. As parents form a good set of friends in your area which tends to motivate the children to do/play outdoor activities for 2 hours in the evening. Encourage your children to play running and catching, hopping, blindfold, cricket, hide and seek, Kho-Kho, kabaddi, shuttle and other traditional games which exhaust the children like earlier days.

Children have quite a lot of time during summer holidays rather than other holidays. There are numerous activities to keep kids busy and acquire new skills but ensure it’s not a tightly packed schedule. There should be a fine balance between relaxation and activity. Allow them to explore their own creativity through free time and ensure they enjoy the quality time at home. Have small conversations with them other than academics and updates of summer classes. Bonding is created only through the time you spend and memories you create. Focus on creating a happy summer vacation with happy family memories.

How was your last summer vacation ? was it on himachal pradesh enjoying natural beauty and having fun times with entire family? Tell me in comments 


Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.

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