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5 Safety Rules For Kids At Home

by Sonali Baidya 27 Jun 2022 0 Comments


Every parent is concerned about their child's safety, whether at home or at school. However, it is not always easy to keep an eye on your children. As a result, it is critical to create some safety regulations for children at home.

A home is a place where children learn and explore through the things they see, feel, and experience, allowing their mind and body to develop. Even at home, though, children might be in danger or wounded when playing. So You need to be careful.

  • Cover all the electrical outlets and wires at home:

Cover electrical plugs with plastic covers to make your home childproof against all types of electric shock. However, Electrical devices should be discarded or repaired if they are damaged. Wrap the wires in insulation or cover them with casing.

Apart from this, Teach children about the dangers of electric shock and to avoid touching any of these items with damp hands.

  • Small sized items should be kept away from kids:

When children play with little toys or foods such as whole almonds, they are at risk of choking. To minimize choking, make sure the meal is divided into bite-sized quantities. Give your youngster grapes, candy, carrots, nuts, and popcorn with caution, as these can cause choking. Serve no more than two to three pieces on your child's plate at a time, depending on their age.

Similarly, Buttons, coins, earrings, pins, and marbles should all be kept out of reach of children since they might cause choking. All day long, toddlers run around the home and tumble a thousand times. They also wind up moving or contacting potentially harmful objects. Sharp and moveable objects should never be placed on top of tables or along edges where they could fall off.

  • Keep All Inflammable Items Away:

Always turn off the main gas supply and keep your youngster away from hot surfaces and objects, which can result in severe burns. To avoid harming your child, keep the water in the washroom at a comfortable temperature.

  • Keep away from chemicals:

Everything goes into the mouth of small toddlers. Keep detergents and chemical solutions out of your child's reach. Do not leave any drugs laying around because they can be dangerous if consumed by your kid.

Kids are always on the lookout for new places to visit. While they're at it, they can come across some appealing-smelling insecticides and detergents and begin tampering with these dangerous chemicals and containers. However, these toxic compounds can potentially be accidentally consumed by a toddler. As a result, such household chemicals should be kept out of reach of your kids. Overall, you should remember

  • Remove all potentially hazardous chemicals from the residence.
  • All dangerous products should be kept in a high, secured cabinet.
  • Install a safety latch on the doors of cabinets containing household chemicals.


  • Do Not leave Your Children Alone in the Water:

Splashing in the water, whether in a bath tub or a swimming pool, is a favorite pastime for children. Even if it is a joyful time, there is a risk of drowning in water tubs or pools. When placing your child in a tub or sink, make sure the water level does not exceed his waist line. When the phone rings or the doorbell rings, never leave your children alone, even for a second. Give your children clear instructions that they must not push each other while swimming.

So, these are some safety tips you should follow for your kids and always  be careful when you are at home or not. Here are some guidelines for keeping your child's environment safe


Sonali Baidya is a mother of a little boy. She loves writing and exploring new things. She has a degree of computer science engineer and by passion is a blogger. She writes beauty and lifestyle blogs.


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