5 Failsafe Ways in which Busy Moms Can Stay Organized


Being organized in daily routines is the dream of everyone. Having kids at home is so messy and exhausting that we mothers feel that our two hands are not enough to do all the work.

Organizing is all about keeping things in their places.

I love this quote by Benjamin Franklin about organizing that has stayed with me from the first time I read it.

“A place for everything and everything at its place”.

Won't our lives be much more systematic and less chaotic if we could find those pairs of socks for school at the right time?
What we fail to understand is that the problem is not the problem itself but our approach toward the problem.

So here are some Failsafe ways for organizing to make our lives better.

Have a System in Place:

In his book, ‘Atomic Habits”, James Clear writes, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

Every house should have a system in place, where each member knows what is expected of them. Everyone should know what goes where.
If you do this, half of your battle is won. This will help you avoid all the last-minute searches.
Your kids who are watching you will learn from you on the way.

Prepare for the next day, the previous Night:

Especially now, when children have started going to school again, their bags and uniforms should be kept ready at a fixed place the previous night. This will helps you to spend calm mornings and your children will be less grumpy. 
Involve the children and make them responsible for their things from an early age, this will make them independent and take the load off you as well.

Meal Planning on weekends:

Make a list for your whole week's meal on a weekend or any other holiday. With the help of meal planning in prior, you don't need to think every day.
Involve all your family members in the planning process.
Store all the ingredients according to your weekly planner.

Put it on Paper!

Though the human brain is a supercomputer, it must be used only for specific tasks that are important and productive.
De-cluttering of the brain is as important, or rather more important than, the physical space around you.
If you have a to-do list in your head, you are bound to be stressed. Make a habit of decluttering your mental space by writing anything that comes up in your mind on paper.
Keep a notepad handy to write down anything from grocery which is due to stitching that needs to be done.
This is a scientific approach where you gain clarity on what things need to be done and clears up a lot of head space.

Discard things that you haven’t used for 6 months or more:

Though that dress that is lying unused for months, and waiting to be worn when your size goes down, seems like a good idea, be realistic and discard those things which don’t seem fit for your current situation.
Hoarding on to stuff for years will only occupy more of your physical and mental space.
Donate it so you will feel happy that it is of use to somebody.

Do it as a Family:

This whole system will work only if you include your family members in your planning process. Don’t assume that nobody is going to follow it, just bring the conversation to your dinner table and tell them how stressful things are when there is no organization. Be prepared and include their opinions on this. This will make it easier for you.

It's unrealistic and meaningless to keep socks inside the cupboard when the shoes are outside. Make it easy, convenient, and less time-consuming.

The trick is to always think of ways to make things easy. If you have organized things, but they become disorganized again, then you need to check on two things.

1) Have you chosen the best place to keep the particular thing?

2) Is everybody following the system?

Hope you have a happy time organizing and you will surely see the difference in no time if you are consistent and mindful.

About the Author :

 Dhanya calls herself an impatient inquisitive seeker. She is an engineer mom who has learned motherhood on the job and implemented techniques by reading innumerable books and through research.


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