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Six Essential Baby Care Tips

by Lakshmi Sakthi 28 Jun 2022 0 Comments


A family is complete when the baby is born and taken care with good conditions. A baby can be brought up in any form but it looks nice and satisfied only taken care in a right way by using the tips and techniques to have trouble less future. A beauty of the parents is to understand their baby in all sense which many parents fails to do it in the fast world. Every single step should be followed by either father or mother in their growth and development. Let’s have a quick look on taking care of baby which new parents should be essentially known for taking care of their baby.

  •  Healthy feeding:

The best source of nutrition for a baby between 0 to 1 year is breast feeding. To breast feed, mothers should eat protein rich food such as nuts, egg, chicken, mutton, sea food, legumes, fruits and drink more milk and water. If breast feeding is not possible or if breast feed is insufficient use formula milk as your pediatric advice. After a period of 6 months slowly the baby can start having mashed banana, apple stew, mashed potatoes, porridge, idly with soup, dhal rice. As days progress, modify their diet by understanding their digestion capacity.

  •  Adequate sleep:

Enough sleep is essential for the baby to have good health and well-being. You must consider night sleep as well day time sleep for a baby until the age of 3. What atmosphere do you give your child to get enough nap? A baby should sleep in a calm place with minimal or no noise. The room should also be well ventilated or airy. The other way is baby sleeping in an air conditioned room should have a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. A baby between 0 to 1-year-old needs atleast 14 hours sleep. Play mild music as it stimulates sleep.

  •  Checklist for baby:

As parents you have to prepare a checklist for the baby to buy things in an economic way with good quality. Let see a quick look of the checklist of the baby items.

  1. A baby dress which is made of cotton or soft fabric.
  2. Reusable diaper which is made of cloth can be used when the baby is awake.
  3. Disposable diaper should be bought to be worn at the time of sleep.
  4. Baby cradle, blanket and small pillow is essential to have peaceful sleep.
  5. Toys such as rattle, shapes, musical toys, blocks, stacking toys, bath toys.
  6. Baby travelling bag
  7. A basket needed for a baby to keep the diapers.
  8. Baby bottles
  9. Sterilizer for baby bottles, bibs, soft wipes
  10. Wet wipes needed when we are going out
  11. Disposable bags for used diapers
  12. Soft towels and baby wraps
  •  Routine skin care:

A daily routine skin care is needed. A regular oil massage from head to toes before your baby takes bath is essential. The oil can be coconut or olive oil which is suitable for their skin. Additionally, use a baby soap. Green moong dhal and Bengal gram dhal power is the best natural homemade product suitable for all kinds of baby skin.

Method to make Pasipayaru mavu (Green moong dhal and Bengal gram dhal powder)

Green moong dhal – 1 kg

Bengal gram dhal – 1 kg

Keep it in the hot sun for a day and give for grinding in rice mill. After grinding it become fine course powder. Encourage this homemade powder rather than chemical soaps.

  •  Hair care tips:

As Indians color of our hair is black, girls love to have long black and boys’ short black hair. Many of the parents fail to maintain baby’s hair only focus on the skin. Most of us use baby shampoo which is very easy to use. The best and traditional way of taking hair bath is using seeyakai powder. Make it as practice applying coconut oil all over baby’s body and expose the baby in sunlight for 3 to 5 minutes and give them bath using seeyakai powder. This method totally reduces the heat from the baby’s body which modern mothers fail to believe.

Method to prepare seeyakai powder:

Seeyakai – 1 kg

Fenugreek seeds -  ¼ kg

Green gram dhal – ¼ kg

Dried lemon skin – 10 lemon skin

Keep the above items in the hot sun for 5 days and give it for grinding in the rice mill. After grinding it become a fine powder.

  •  Providing a secured feeling:

A mother is a first person who should provide secured feeling at any time. Many people assume that babies cannot understand what we speak and recognize parents faces. Actually the truth in that is, the babies can understand from birth and start identifying faces in 3 months. How do you provide a secured feeling to your baby? As parents, talk to your baby as much as you can, hug by giving warmth feeling, sing songs, educate by showing toys and flash cards as it makes the baby to speak quickly. Enjoy watching movements and emotions of your baby which elevate the bonding between parents and baby.

The basic baby care tips are very essential for new mothers because it lays the foundation for the development of a strong emotional bond. Every family is different in their lifestyle and approach towards parenting. Its best for babies to be cared and loved as per each parent’s preferred style of parenting. Adopt the above baby care tips to simplify your life and be organized.


Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.


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