12 Diaper Bag Essentials For Newborn Babies



The diaper bag is something which you always need for your newborn. It becomes an essential part of your traveling life because it contains everything you need for your little one. 

Firstly, you should select the ideal size for it. A diaper bag contains all the things which you need while traveling or for your regular outings. Choose the bag with compartments. It will be easy to find out the stuff while carrying a baby. So, you should choose a size which should be easy to carry and can keep all the essential items.

The items which should be carried in the diaper bag-


Diapers are essential items for parents. And what the use of a diaper bag without a diaper. There should be around 3 diapers in the bag. Because babies are unpredictable. 

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are very important. It should be always with you. Even if you are not carrying a diaper bag. And you should always buy a small packet. Which are easy to carry. 

Changing Mat

Many diaper bags already contain the changing mat. But if it is not available then you can buy it separately. It gets easy to change the nappy on changing mat.


Babies never stay clean. So always carry one extra pair of jabla with you. Mostly when parents don’t carry extra clothes babies do something and you have a hard time. So always carry one pair in your diaper bag.


There should be one small and soft blanket in your diaper bag. It will help to cover the baby and can also be used as changing mat. 


A packet of dry tissues should be there always. It will help to dry the baby after cleaning the baby with wipes. It will also help to dry up a baby while changing a diaper. 

Water Sipper

After the baby turns six months old. Baby should take proper water to stay hydrated. Babies don’t accept to drink water with a glass. So, baby favorite sipper should be a part of the diaper bag. 

Feeding Bottles

Babies are unpredictable. So always carry cleaned feeding bottles with you. If the baby feels hungry then you have the option to feed your baby and don’t. have to rush.


Always keep baby’s favorite food item in your bag. Once baby turns six months old always carry biscuits and hand food with you. It will also help in making habit of eating. And you don’t have to provide milk all the time. 

Diaper Rash Cream

It is not important but if your baby suffers from rashes then you should always keep diaper rash cream in your diaper bag. Because mostly pediatricians advise applying diaper rash cream before diaper to keep baby skin safe and healthy.


There should be hand toys in the baby's diaper bag. And always keep toys which baby used to play with at home. It will help to keep your baby engaged. 


It is not necessary to keep the medicine. If you are going for an outing. But if you are traveling then always keep baby all the necessary medicines. At least a medicine for loose motion, vomiting, colic, and fever. 

Traveling with a baby even for a short period is not easy. So, you have to be prepared for all the situations. And a perfect diaper bag is the best solution for it.

Shreya Jain is a mother of a three year old and a blogger. Parenting made her learn many things with time. She loves to share everything she has learned along the way and help new parents.
She says, "Parenthood is a beautiful journey so just enjoy it fully".

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