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11 Ideas on How To Organize Your Little One’s Room

by Sonam Jain 23 Aug 2021 0 Comments


A big teddy to small toys, tricycles, books, crayons, painting stuff, helicopter blocks, scarfs, goggles, pillows, and clothes, all around is a messy room of your sweet little cutie pie. When you are a super busy mom, organizing this mess is a big task. Working mothers are managing so many things parallelly looking forward to their jobs and managing family as well. An organized room makes many things easy to manage. 

Here are some ideas to make up the room and maintain tidiness for a long time. Let's begin:

  • Separate And Manage Useless Stuff
      1. The First step of the cleaning is to remove all the broken stuff. 
      2. Separate those toys, books, and clothes your kids are not interested in anymore and donate them.

  • Arrange Toys As Per The Size 
      1. Separate small and big toys and keep them in a basket or you can use old decorated cartoons to settle them. Keep these baskets /cartoons at the corner of the room, so that it couldn’t be a hurdle for your kid to move around.
      2. Make a separate bag for all the soft toys after washing them, so that they will be clean and dry, as in monsoon season fungus can grow very easily in presence of moisture, usually caught by soft toys.
      3. Collect small and bigger balls in separate containers and line them up with other cartoons.
      4. These ball cartoons can also be used to hold bats, rackets, hockey sticks, etc.

  • Arrangement Of Toy Bags/Cartoons And Rides
      1. Big-sized cartoons can be used to collect dolls, ribbons, etc.
      2. Settle tricycles/bicycles in the balcony area after cleaning and fix the place there only.

  • Arrangement Of Study Table With Books And Stationaries
      1. Use some DIYs to arrange books as per their size.
      2. Arrange drawing and painting stuff together, arrange chart sheet roles in a decorated cartoon.
      3. Make separate boxes for pencils, sketch pens, and other stationery items like scissors, scales, staplers, etc.
      4. This shelf should be near the study table, it would be easier for the kid to use the stuff in a single sitting.
      5. Clean the study table, the only thing which suits it could be a simple pencil holder, daily diary with a storybook. Use a study table with a planned undershelf, it would be easier to save space. You can also customize a table for laptops, tablets, chargers under the table.
      6. Course books can be arranged on a separate shelf along with the school bag.
      7. Whiteboards and markers can be on the side of the study table.

  • Arrangement Of Electricity Assistants And Light
      1. Make sure that plug points are there with the study table.
      2. Make a light arrangement on the left side of the study table with a comfortable chair.

  • Reminder Boards Are Important:
      1. Use a DIY notice board to stick reminders, and hang in a suitable place in the room.

  • Management Of Musical Instruments:
      1. Musical instruments like synthesizers can be settled after the books shelf
      2. Guitars can occupy the hanging place on the wall.

  • Wardrobe Management: 
  • PS: Wardrobe can be divided into 3 parts. 

    1. As per the season, separate clothing is in use in the current weather condition.
    2. Clothes which can be used while outing.
    3. Separate winter wears
    4. Separate wedding costumes and other heavy ones. Arrange them in plastic zipper bags.
    5. Use narrow plastic baskets for arranging napkins, towels, and socks
    6. Use small hangers at the door of the wardrobe for hanging belts, scarfs, ties, and bags.
    7. Under the space of the wardrobe can be used to arrange shoes, if word rob can be extended its good if not can be arranged in separate boxes as daily wears and party wear.

  • Bed Arrangement With Mats And Other Utilities
      1. A customized bed can be used as per the age of the child so that bedsheets, extra pillows, and covers can be stored inside the bed designs themselves.
      2. Ground mats, bedsheets, and curtains for the kid’s room can be chosen as per the weather conditions.

  •  Decoration Brings Good Vibrations:
      1. Walls can be decorated with paintings created by your child.
      2. You can use framed family photographs. 
      3. Printed Wallpapers can be used for decoration.
      4. Use some small succulents to decorate the window and balcony area, and give charge to your child for their care. 
      5. Put some hangers for caps, raincoats, and keys for convenience as per the reach of the child.

    • Speared Love And Feeling Of Responsibility
      1. Educate your child to maintain at least 25% arrangement of the room. Fix some tasks for him/her.
      2. Spend some time in this decorated room with your child and create memories.

    Use these above mentioned 11 Ideas to arrange your little one’s room and inculcate the feeling of room management and discipline in your kid. How do you like these ideas; please share your responses in the comment box.

    Keep coming to this space for more such informative and creative blogs.



    Sonam is a Doctorate in Management Studies. She has altogether working experience of 5 years with IIM Indore and SFRI Jabalpur. She has also worked with two academic publication houses from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. In December 2019 she embraced motherhood. To relish her motherhood and use her Research Skills; now by profession she is a Freelance Content Creator and Blogger.

    Read her at https://www.sonamkeshabd.com/ 

    Connect her with at FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn

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    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.


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