10 Useful Tips To Increase Children's IQ


Nowadays, everyone’s everyday life becomes busy and tense. Even small children also feel stressed. Childhood is the most significant period in everyone’s life. This is the phase when the brain grows faster. At this time, parents should pay attention to their children and try to reduce their stress so that they will feel relaxed. It will also help to increase their cognitive development . Parents do several things to increase the brain power of children, like giving them healthy foods that are known to increase brain power. But all these things only have a small role in brain development. Here are given some useful tips that can help to increase the child's brainpower, or in other words, their IQ.

  • Practice sheetsChildren must be given practice sheets for all the subjects so that they can practice each subject. In particular, mathematics calculation sheets and science critical thinking question sheets will help in sharpening their minds and increasing their IQ. Every 30 minutes to an hour can be set aside for practice. This will also develop punctuality in them.
  • Learning abacus and Rubik’s:Practicing abacus and Rubik’s daily helps to develop the brain health as it activates brain cells. This brain activity develops problem solving skills, increases concentration, observational skills, and productivity. By using these tools, the fingers remain active and better coordinated with the brain. Apart from this, Vedic mathematics also helps children learn calculations easily and faster.
  • Memory activity: Memory activities help to develop intelligence among children by improving reasoning and language. To increase the memory power, some memory games or creative games can be done like rhyming games, memory card matching games, flash card games, quizzes, Sudoku, and some puzzles such as crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, etc.
  • Learning/educational Games:Children must be engaged in play with learning or educational toys that develop their spatial intelligence, which helps to develop their imagination. They will be able to think and create a picture in their mind, so imaginative thinking will be developed. Some of the games like blocks, crafts, toys, figurines, and construction play are important tools that help to develop spatial intelligence and multiple learning opportunities in children, which is helpful in learning mathematics, engineering, science, and technology at a later stage.
  • Reading books:The development of reading habits is good for everyone. Reading certain types of books, such as rhyming books, story books, etc., helps to stimulate the development of the brain. Reading skills develop gradually and help develop cognitive skills.
  • Participation in Sports:Participation in sports and physical activities has an immediate effect on physical and mental health. Engagement in sports improves the blood flow to the brain, which sharpens memory and stimulates creativity. Children should be encouraged to take part in indoor games like chess, carom, Ludo and outdoor games, like tennis, badminton, cricket, volleyball, basketball, football etc.
  • Listening to music or learning Playing instruments:Listening to music, singing, and playing instruments stimulates the brain and improves skills. It reduces, anxiety, increases concentration and helps to develop all the processes like memory, vision, movement and sound.
  • Meditation:Children may feel tired and stressed due to daily activities. Deep breathing exercises help them calm themselves. It also helps them redirect their worrisome thoughts.
  • Learning new languages:Several studies show that learning a new language strengthens the ability of the brain to concentrate on things. It improves memory, enhances problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, and increases the multitasking abilities of children.
  • Appreciation:Appreciation also helps to improve the learning process by nurturing self-confidence and self-awareness. Praise motivates them to think positively and encourages them to do better. Praise and appreciation develop positive self-esteem and self-worth in children. So it is always good to praise children for their work on assignments and their efforts.

 These are some useful tips that worked for me and I think will also work for you. What do you think?


Dr. Deepali Gangwar is an Environmental Expert living in Gurgaon, India. She is also a writer, content creator, nature lover and mother of a child. 



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  • Posted on by Umesh
    Very interesting article. Thanks for the tips.
  • Posted on by Kailash Kumar
    I read and found this article of Dr. Deepali Gangwar very useful and relevant to the moms of kids. I think all moms should follow the advice offered by the author.
  • Posted on by Trapti
    Informative article. We usually forget small things for kids.. like apprecciate them.. engage them in memory activities.. I found useful this article.

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