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10 Tips To Enjoy Monsoon With Kids, Hassle-Free

by Monika Kothari 09 Aug 2023 0 Comments
The Mom Store; Blog; Photo by Yaroslava Borz

Photo by Yaroslava Borz on Pexels


Hello readers, your blogger Monika is back with another informative article. We all know the monsoon season has come. We are equally excited as our kids, especially after such a humid summer season. I would like to share a few tips to take care of you and your kids to enjoy this monsoon without any problem. 

  1. Avoid street food: While street food may be tempting, it's best to avoid it during the monsoon season. The food may not be hygienically prepared and can lead to stomach infections, which is the last thing you want during this monsoon season.
  1. Sanitize hands regularly: After covid, we all are habituated to sanitizer. Still, I would like to remind you to make sure you and your kids wash your hands with soap and water regularly. Always carry a sanitizer with you at all times and use it frequently when you are stepping out or on a trip.
  1. Keep your surroundings clean: Monsoon season often brings with it stagnant water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. We need to make sure to keep our surroundings clean and dry to avoid mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria.
  1. Stay hydrated: It's essential to keep yourself and your kids hydrated during the monsoon season. Drink lots of water, fresh juices, and coconut water to keep your body hydrated. Drink boiled and fresh water to avoid any further stomach infection.
  1. Wear appropriate clothing: It's best to wear light, breathable clothes during the monsoon season. Make sure your kids wear comfortable and waterproof footwear to avoid slipping.
  1. Avoid crowded places: During the monsoon season, it's best to avoid crowded places like malls and movie theatres. These places can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses. And in the monsoon season, kids are easily infected with viral infections. 
  1. Boost immunity: Your immunity helps you to fight the viral infections and germs spread in the monsoon season. Make sure you eat healthy, immune-boosting foods like fresh and washed fruits and vegetables. It is very important to wash the fruits and vegetables properly in this season to avoid any food infection. You can also give your kids supplements like Vitamin C and zinc to boost their immunity.
  1. Use insect repellent: Mosquito bites can cause a lot of discomfort and can lead to various serious illnesses. You must use a good quality mosquito repellent to protect yourself and your kids to avoid any fuss.
  1. Take precautions while travelling: If you are planning to travel during the monsoon season, make sure to take necessary precautions like carrying an umbrella, raincoat, and waterproof bags for your belongings.
  1. Seek medical attention if needed: If you or your kids experience any illness or symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Don't wait for it to get worse.

I hope you find this article as helpful as the previous one. Do not forget to shower your love in the comments section below. Thank you



About The Author:

The Mom Store; Blog Author; Monika Kothari

Monika is a blogger outside the experience in import and export company as a Public Relation Executive, Marketing Executive in outdoor media firm. She is a house wife and a mother of beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing her experience and sharing it to the world. 

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