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10 Craft Ideas and Fun Things to Do for Children’s On Days Off

by Sonam Jain 30 Jul 2021 0 Comments


In the world of hasty, where all are running to learn, earn and sustain. Some are having a different universe. Where they are in no hurry, only want to have fun all the time. They are keen on our interests all the time and do nostalgic activities every second. And they are none other than our little ones who always seek something new to play. It is something that keeps them away from smartphones, TV, and the reel world. Are you also in search of some creative and astounding ideas to make your days off count? Here is some super thrilling fun to do:

  1. Planting Trees: Kids love their surroundings when they are nearby plants and trees. They love playing with the leaves and flowers. And what attracts them are beautiful butterflies and birds. That involves the child fully into it. To make it come up, you need a small pot or box, a little soil, and seeds of any flower, vegetable, or fruit you want. Now plant trees with them. Here also they find the chance to play with soil.
  2. Kids’ Swimming Pool: Water! A mesmerizing and biggest playing thing for the children. They even love to spread and throw the water. So why not make them enjoy their small cartoon pool. You can try it with a small bathtub and fill it with water. And a delight of new entertainment will begin.
  3. Drawing- Colors, crayons, pencils, pens, brushes are the best partners of children. Every time they want to showcase their creativity. So why not make them unbound by making them their unique artist. When they paint they paint their clothes and themselves also. Go for their hand paintings, print their hands, and frame them.
  4. Matchstick House – Everything that we find functional or useless, children find it fruitful for themselves. As much as they love ice cream, they will love the house made out of sticks. To make it, you need fevicol and a few matchsticks and then stick the sticks one by one to make it a house. Associate your child in constructing their pretty house.
  5. Paper Crafts- We had lots of papers in our house. They are idle once we read it but it can be handy if you create something creative from it. You can make a boat, plane, tree, butterfly, lamp, fan, etc. Next time you will not have idle paper their craft will replace it.
  6. Modelling Clay- There is a hidden artist in our youngsters, which comes out with the things they have and the way they utilize them. Modelling clay generally comes in different colours. So the babies can make mismatched and as many things as they want like a flower, stick, fruit, vegetable, etc.
  7. Blocks and Puzzles- Blocks are one of the most favourite games of children. They make trucks, robots, transformers, planes, and everything with it. And puzzles are one of the engaging games which indulge children until it completes.
  8. Cotton Snow Man- A snowman! Isn’t it enthralling in itself? Overwhelming for children also. So why not try it. You can put it together with cotton. Make a ball of cotton and bind it from the middle with a thin string and put 2 eyes either with mustard seed or pen and a nose. And here your snowman is ready to entertain.
  9. Cooking: Kids love to prepare food as they see their mothers cooking food. So you can involve them in non-flame food as food enthusiasts. And they will enjoy eating it. It will help to provide them nutritious food and also spare a little time of theirs in an activity.
  10. Storytelling: It is one of the most fascinating ideas which they will enjoy. Funny tales and stories are like another world for them. Stories are lifetime learning and they also help in teaching the kid moral values.

Share with us which of the ideas you liked the most. Keep visiting this page for more such informative and amazing reads.

Happy Parenting!



Sonam is a Doctorate in Management Studies. She has altogether working experience of 5 years with IIM Indore and SFRI Jabalpur. She has also worked with two academic publication houses from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. In December 2019 she embraced motherhood. To relish her motherhood and use her Research Skills; now by profession she is a Freelance Content Creator and Blogger.

Read her at https://www.sonamkeshabd.com/ 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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