Introduce Phonics at an early age.

Introduce Phonics at an early age.

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Hello readers, your blogger Monika is back with another interesting topic today. Recently I enrolled in a teacher training course for phonics. During the whole process of the course, I acknowledged why it is so important to introduce phonics to the kid at an early age. So I am very excited to share my experience with you.

First of all, what is phonics?
I know you all must be aware of it. Just a little brief about phonics. So basically, phonics is nothing but a method or a technique for training beginners to read English by developing an understanding of the variation of sounds a letter represent in different positions and blends.

Do many parents think that why teach phonics? Kids will learn reading as we have learned in our time. Today the study pattern is completely changed from before. It is more practical than just theory. If your child can read and write efficiently then they can understand the concept or mean fast. 

How phonics differs from the name of each letter?
We all know that there are 26 alphabets in English. But if you see at phonics we have 42 sounds. What does it mean? It means each letter has its name and a different sound. So when we read, it is the sound of a letter. Apart from this understanding of the short vowel sound and long vowel sounds and their use. Like we have 7 short vowel sounds, we introduce children to 5 vowel sounds at an early age. They are simply in CVC format ( Consonant, Vowel, and Consonant). 1. a - cat 2. e - pet 3. i- pin 4. o-hot 5. u - bus. 

We have 20 vowels sound in English which are divided into two groups. One is Monophthongs which have one mouth position throughout the sound example me, bee, he. The second one is Diphthong here the mouth position changes. We have two vowel sounds in one syllable. Here it begins with one sound and moves to another. It gives two sounds quality to the phoneme oi sound in the toy, boy.

Benefits of learning phonics at an early age.

  1. Phonics helps children to become fluent readers and writers at an early age.
  2. Children start making their sentences.
  3. Children can read storybooks.
  4. Children can create their own stories.
  5. A good reader can be a good thinker. Phonics boost their imagination power in a fun way.
  6. It is a fun activity that every child enjoys.

How we can teach children phonics

  1. Introduce the sound of each letter
  2. Introduce them to how to blend letters to create sound.
  3. Start reading with kids and try to make them read.
  4. Play games with them that revolve around letters.
  5. Read rhyming books or poetry together.
  6. Let your child see the pleasure you have while reading.
  7. Use props and puppets to tell a story.
  8. Sound mat.
  9. Use flyers or flash cards.
  10. Can sing poems for each letter.

About the Author : Monika is a blogger with outside experience in an import and export company as a Public Relations Executive and Marketing Executive in an outdoor media firm. She is a housewife and a mother of a beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing her experience and sharing it with the world.

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