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  • Baby's First Air Travel

    Baby's First Air Travel

    Since she was so small and I was totally a new mommy without any prior experience - it was scary as well as overwhelming for me. And mind you, the place we were visiting was having winter at that time and it was very, very cold out there. I needed to do my homework well otherwise the little one would suffer beyond point. I...
  • The Essence Of Motherhood

    The Essence Of Motherhood

    Even if you try to put all your efforts but still you fail at times, feeling lost somewhere, tired, exhausted,awaiting for some help. These baby blues are the way of gaining inner strength.It often goes away when mothers eat healthy, rest well, have someone around for help and getting emotional support.However, if it this grows beyond certain level, it could be the sign of...
  • 'Locked With The Child' Era

    'Locked With The Child' Era

    The key of striking a perfect balance between work and home is not in two Fs that is fret and frustrate, but knowing the difference between passive time and quality time. Just know that these tender minds are restricted movement outside as much as we are and need who we need most- Us, their moms. So how do we do that..?
  • Dodging Mom Life

    Dodging Mom Life

    One thing that often comes to my mind when I crave for such a time is that why do I want an escape from the people and place I love most, my family and my home. Is it being selfish or shying away from my responsibilities? And then I think of the last time I took the break and the positive benefits it brought...
  • Do Not Consider Your Child's Education As Your War

    Do Not Consider Your Child's Education As Your War

    Parents! Children are clay pots. It is necessary to take care of them and give them a good shape, but if you try to mold these soft pots more than necessary, will they not break?
  • For A New Mother

    For A New Mother

    I found myself pregnant very young, soon after marriage and everyone around was so happy and talking all the pleasures of being pregnant and excitement of the delivery and me too, being naïve thought that Tada! That’s it! I will go to hospital and the doctor will give the baby in my hands, we will come back home and it's all sorted, but...
  • Vande Bharat Mission - My Experience

    Vande Bharat Mission - My Experience

    I have been approached by a few people who have their family and friends stuck to get more information around evacuation. Therefore, I felt the need to offer some clarity around the process of #vandebharatmission...
  • Matter Of Respect

    Matter Of Respect

    We all have grown up listening to ‘Respect your elders/parents’ innumerable times. But what about our children? When it comes to them, we think of joy, love, gratitude, etc., but rarely do we think of respect. I believe, our children deserve as much respect as adults and age should not be a criterion for showing consideration to a human being...