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Sudden Pain During Pregnancy

Sudden Pain During Pregnancy
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Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows that stomach pains and abdominal cramps are a part of being pregnant. It is something that is a part of pregnancy and has to be borne but sometimes it can even spell danger that you may not be aware of. We bring you here a summary of the various pains which occur during pregnancy and what the reasons behind them are. Read on…

There are many reasons why pain in the abdomen can occur during pregnancy. These are pains which may be generally experienced by non-pregnant women due to bloating or gastric issues. In pregnant women, however, the causes can be the same or different than these.


Types of Pain During Pregnancy

A woman may experience pain in her stomach due to a variety of reasons. Some of these are as follows:

Muscular Pains

Mostly when a pregnant woman experiences pain in her body, it is nothing more than muscles stretching to accommodate the baby growing within her. Along with this soreness, you will also see an increase in weight and growing breasts, hips and feet; etc.

Ligament pain

Ligaments are structures which keep your womb in place and they stretch during pregnancy as the womb grows in size. These ligaments start to soften and grow, once a woman gets pregnant and if they get tightened or irritated during pregnancy, the woman who is pregnant may experience pain in her belly.

Digestive issues

Pain during pregnancy is caused more often than not by nothing more serious that general gas, constipation or bloating, which are a part and parcel of pregnancy. Hormonal fluctuations, which happen during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy are quite often the culprits for this kind of pain too. During the last semester, pain can be blamed on gas, if it is accompanied by heartburn.


Sometimes when you are experiencing pains in your body during pregnancy, it might be nothing but a normal cramp. I know that it seems unfair to be having cramps on top of experiencing the other pains which are a part and parcel of pregnancy, but there you are. Such pains can cause mild and dull discomfort in your body.


If a pregnant woman suddenly starts experiencing severe pains in her stomach, it might mean that she is suffering from a miscarriage. Such pains are usually unbearable and make it difficult for the pregnant woman in question, to even stand straight, as she usually doubles over from the pain.


Hope you liked this blog post and will keep these facts in mind when there is good news on the way! I am looking forward to hearing from you and will come back with another write up full of parenting tips and tricks. Do write to me in the comments section, if you have any queries, suggestions or even if just want to say “hi”. Ciao till the next time and see you with another informative article soon!





Aarti Puri
Aarti Puri is Harvard educated and the founder and CEO of Magnolia Kids, a primary school. She is a psychologist, writer and teacher trainer. She's starting her YouTube Video channel for moms and kids soon!



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