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Start Homeschooling Right Away!

Start Homeschooling Right Away!

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With the whole world tackling the covid19 pandemic, we all know that schools are not going to open soon and it is not even safe for our kids to join school soon. If you are worried about your child's studies then homeschooling is something you must start right away. Many parents across the globe have already begun homeschooling, not because of choice but out of necessity. 


The first thing you need to do before you begin the process of homeschooling is that do not stress, yes I repeat please do not stress at all. You should not agonize if your little one is not able to keep up with the workload or get tensed that they might be falling behind. During this time, your priority should be your child's physical and mental wellbeing and along with this if you are able to get some schoolwork done then trust me it is an added advantage.


I have shortlisted a few tips which will help you with the process of homeschooling:


  1. Routine is important: You must put together a time table for your child. It doesn't need be very detailed but you should divide the day for things like schoolwork, reading, exercise, games and screen time. This will help greatly with focus as well as motivation. 


  1. Stay calm: We all are tensed and uncertain about the future but we do not have to pass this stress to our kids. Teach them with a calm mind and you will see that they will pick up concepts much faster. Your constant worrying will unnecessarily stress you and your child. Remember patience is the key when it comes to homeschooling.


  1. Let your child find a new hobby: Encourage your little one to find a new hobby or maybe learn a new skill during this lockdown. They can learn a new language or maybe do some gardening and grow their own vegetables. The idea here is to keep your child engaged effectively. This will help them a lot in overcoming restlessness.


  1. Talk to your child: It is important that you ask your child about how are they feeling and if something is bothering them. You should explain that it is perfectly alright for them to experience different emotions like irritability, frustration and boredom during this period. You can help them connect with their friends virtually and encourage them to look for positive aspects of this new normal. 


I am sure after reading my blog, you would agree that homeschooling can work wonders for your child in the current situation. With little effort and planning, you will be able to make this process smooth and fun filled for your child. To sum it up, I would say there is nothing right or wrong in the current situation, just do the best for your child and just remember not to stress at all. Wishing you good luck in this journey of homeschooling.



Urvashi Newar  

Urvashi Newar has a great passion for writing. She has been into this line for almost 7 years. Mom to a 3 year old girl, she loves penning down her thoughts on motherhood. She believes in sharing her motherhood journey to help new mothers. 





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