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Providing Supports To Moms At Home

by Poonam Nanwani Shah 09 Nov 2020 0 Comments
Providing Support To Moms At Home
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Mom is a wonderful human that God created. No doubt there are numerous role a Mom get through. For example: From a daddy’s angel to a wonderful sister than a responsible wife, daughter in law and the last is none other than a lovable, kind, entertainer, teacher and many more roles she plays during the nurturing of her kids or can say while taking care of her kids and her family.

Irrespective of anything mom does everything for raising her kids and taking care of her family. Though she doesn’t expect anything in return, still somewhere when she sometimes or fortunately gets some time to wonder. Here she always thinks of giving rather than expecting still, somewhere there is something left in her mind that - someone should be there to take care of her as well, however she is left with no one to get understand.

Here are few points I would like to convey that what does a mom think and what support she wishes to have:

  • Help her in daily household chores:

She feels that, whenever she is doing some work so there must be someone… not to help in her work,  but at least to stand next to her to pat on her back by appreciating that, she is doing great job, so that she will get more motivation and a positive energy to do more activity which will indirectly benefits everyone at home including her kids. However still it is household members duty to help her by giving hand in daily household chores like helping here in cooking, washing utensils or many more work. By doing small things she will be happier.

  • Help her in doing outside work:

Here as mother are always busy in their household work so as a responsible person or a family member -we can help her by asking her if she wants anything in grocery so this can provide some relief to her.

  • If she is a new mom:

Mom’s who delivered the small creature wish to be taken care too… like a small baby, since the birthing process is tough i .e. normal or c-sec where she delivers a baby and at the same time- she suffers from health issues post delivery, as a women no doubt the body goes through various hormonal changes which she is unable to manage. For example: the stitches, feeding baby on the second day of delivery, postpartum depression and so on.

here the family should be supportive in taking care of her. “There is a saying that, it is a second birth of a mom”. She expects that someone should be there to take care of her baby while changing nappy, during feeding time as well as whenever baby does pee. This all, she wishes to have because somewhere she wants to enjoy” mee” time. 

  • Mom with kids at home:

Whenever a mom is alone at home with kids, so she wishes that while managing her household chores, there should be someone to take care of kids -as she alone cannot be always available for kids respect to their feeding time, play time, study time and so on which indirectly sometimes leads to irritation. Though she always gives priority to kids irrespective of anything.

Here the family members can help her in managing some work or her husband can support in managing few things before leaving house, so that she can manage the house hold chores and kids properly and hassle free.

  • Special treatment:

As moms are always busy with their work rather it is managing office work or household work along with kids and families so here, she doesn’t have time to look after herself. We can treat her in a special way where, we can give one day off from her duties and routine work.

We can give her surprises, by cooking food wherein we can prepare her favorite dishes and desserts.

We can make an arrangement for spa or beauty salon so that she can have some “mee” time and can take rest.

  • Monitoring health:

Since mother are always busy in fulfilling other household members needs and responsibilities. However, due to this she left with no care with respect to her health and even sometimes she forgets to take medications if any. As she ignores her health so sometimes, she suffers with pain in muscles and bones.

Here we can take care of her health by visiting at clinic for regular check up, simultaneously making her to take medications on time and have proper diet if any, suggested by doctor.

  • Help her in maintaining garden area:

Many moms have hobbies and someone hobby can be plantation i.e. Planting flowers and vegetable. However sometimes the plants are left ignored, due to many other things to be managed at home by a mother and due to which the plants don’t grow the way they supposed to and even, if we don’t take care of them so they left with no option rather die.

So here we can help our moms by helping her in maintaining the plants by fulfilling the requirements such as watering, seedling, loosening of soil and so on. Further can spray pesticides or germicide if any.

  • Mom’s those who had abortion:

As a family member, we can support her by taking care of her health and by providing her healthy meals and medicines on time.

We need to look after her, whether she is mentally well or not. If not, we should speak to her about her loss and should motivate her that not to worry.

We should share inspirational stories with her and most importantly husband support must be there to come out of this situation.

  • Retirement plan:

As mothers are always believe in giving and in return don’t expect much. However, these things we need to understand as a family member it is our duty to make her surroundings safe and should plan something that she should be always grateful and proud to have us as a family member.

A small gesture can be made across by gifting her a retirement plan or any other things which makes her happy and secure.

There are many more things which we can do:

We can plan her birthday surprise by taking her for outing and click pictures with her as well as to have a dinner with family where she can be treated as a special guest.

We can always thank her, for doing small- small things for us which we forgot or fail to do.


I wish to close my blog here… hope you enjoy this blog by reading and may you have noticed positivity. Kindly let me know through comments.

Thank you!




Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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