Most Challenging Vacations - Lockdown


Most Challenging Vacations - Lockdown

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Nowadays parents and little kids are facing the most challenging and difficult vacations i.e. lockdown. It’s because there are no outings, no parks, no summer camps, no shopping and no adventure at all. Worst is parents are doing work- from-home and they are even unable to spend time and play with their tiny tots.

So, we involve them in either television or gave them mobile phones so the kids don’t come to us again and again to disturb our work.

So how these little ones will spend whole day alone doing nothing? There are so many indoor activities for kids by which we can avoid screen time and make their day productive.

  • It’s only the responsibility of parents to take time for kids one by one and not scold them on small things. Kids are too sensitive to handle so much pressure. Just love, care and play with them. They are your foremost priorities.
  • Involve them in activities like paintings, character playing like they act as doctor, fireman, etc. while you keep on doing your work. Kids loves avengers’ characters a lot like superman, batman, spiderman etc. so they like being one and role play them. Here are some of the fun activities you can do with kids.
  • I used to make my 3year kid help me with little house chores like when I brought vegetables, I gave him some hot water to wash them, he washes each and every vegetable and put them in refrigerator and really enjoys it. Also, when I am cooking he brings the things from refrigerator that I needed. Sometimes when I wash clothes, he gave me clothes one by one from bucket to dry them. Find our pretend play toys here.
  • Dance is the best activity for super active kids who don’t get tired whole day because of no physical work and hence they don’t sleep at all. So, play some nice music let them do whatever they do like jumping, running, anything they do, just to make them tired and take rest later.
  • Old times indoor games like ludo, carom and snake & ladders are all time best activity to spend some good quality time for family.
  • Even I have a spray sanitizer and I make my kid to spray and sanitize all the things we touch regularly. This way he is learning for cleaning and sanitising and enjoys doing sanitising all the handles, remote, mobiles etc.
  • Also, you can make worksheets related to their school course and make them work on it. This will help them to keep in touch with their school course and will not lack behind.
  • If your house has access to terrace you can take them there, so that their monotony gets broken and they have at least some outing. You can take toys with you or one-time meal for some change.
Visit our blog page to read about how to keep kids engaged during lockdown.

    This is the difficult time for all of us and we have to spend it together happily. So just make your home safe, clean and fun area for kids as they are the one who are facing a lot and still never get irritated and always ready to play and learn.

    Different age groups need different attention so feel free to ask anything.



    Ankita Modi

    Ankita Modi, an MBA in finance, previously a banker, is now homemaker and mother of two little boys of ages 3 years and 8 months.





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