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Let The Love Story Continue

Being a first time mom with no support system can be a daunting task thereby building tension in your love life with your partner. However, it ain't that difficult to...

Let The Love Story Continue...
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Has your world started revolving around your baby? Are you also spending your entire day only taking care of your baby? I am sure the answer to these questions is a firm "Yes". The most pertinent question that every new parent has to grapple with is how do you keep your relationship healthy and equally romantic post your baby's arrival? Keeping your relationship healthy has become even more critical in Covid times because of new normal with respect to work from home, with no house help, with no lavish lunches at restaurants, with no shopping during afternoons in fancy malls, with no Sunday matinee shows in PVR, with no weekend getaways and a plethora of similar lifestyle changes that has completely tipsy turned our definition of leisure and of having fun in our otherwise busy and stressful Monday to Friday routine. While the new normal has taken a toll on everyone's lives both mentally and physically, we need to find a way out to still have fun and enjoy a relaxing weekend. Being a first time mom with no support system can be a daunting task thereby building tension in your love life with your partner. However, it ain't that difficult to still find your moments of happiness through simple yet impactful things. Let's take a sneak peak into some of these things which have been helpful for me and my husband in spending quality time with each other thereby de-stresssing our daily lives and helping us rejuvenate for the working week ahead.


  • Establish a daily family ritual: This can be anything like spending a lazy time together in the morning when your baby wakes up with lots of cuddles and hugs, or an evening prayer routine post the working hours. It is important that your baby experiences the love and warmth as a family.
  • Cook a meal together- With no house help preparing meals is a new routine, so why not do it with fun and laughter. Get your partner along to prepare a meal may be at night. For us, cooking serves as the best form of stress buster. You may like to experiment honing your culinary skills through different dishes during weekends at-least if not during weekdays. In case you have noone at home to look at, you can still look at cooking the meal together either by baby wearing your baby or by placing the baby in the pram.
  • Netflix and chill: Set your baby's bed time routine in such a way that you and your partner get alteast some time together once the baby is asleep. Utilize this time in either reading together or watching your favourite series. Atleast I make sure that I don't miss out on my favourite series and that we are updated with the latest series on Netflix.
  • Share the load: One of the ingredients of a happy relationship is when the relationship is that of a partnership in all aspects. Sharing the load will ensure you both get your respective "me time" and rest during the day and that no one is burnt out due to over exertion. We both manage pir working days pretty well wherein we interchangeably handle the baby depending on our work schedules.Infact my husband has partnered the art of bathing the baby and making him sleep. Morning and Evening walks is Daddy's responsibility while massaging and feeding meals is Mommy's responsibility. Not only this, there are days when baby demands our role reversal and we don't shy away from fulfilling that demand too :) Involving your partner in all your baby daily activities not only helps to manage your day better but also inculcates the bonding as a sweet little family.
  • Long drives: Long drives for someone like me is always refreshing especially during the monsoon where the surrounding is fresh and lush green. This also helps to familiarise your little one with the outside environment which otherwise due to Covid is not possible at all and there is a high possibility for most of the kids becoming socially aloof.


Well, after all the secret ingredient to raise a happy and outgoing kid is a Happy, Healthy and fun filled life of parents. While work from home and increased household chores can suck away your happiness and leisure time, it is your own grit and determination that will help you sail happily through this tough time. So, get up, make time for yourself and your partner and live the moment!





Payoni DhakerPayoni is an HR professional working with a manufacturing conglomerate. She is fond of painting and is an avid reader. Being a mom to a little prince, she also likes to share her first hand experiences through blogging. You can connect with her on Instagram at payoinsta and on Facebook and LinkedIn at Payoni Dhaker.



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