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Latching And Unlatching

Being a new mother can be very overwhelming and exhausting at the same time. The breasts starts working on the production of breast milk way before the baby is born,...

Latching And Unlatching

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Being a new mother can be very overwhelming and exhausting at the same time. The breasts starts working on the production of breast milk way before the baby is born, taking help from one of the hormone friend from the pituitary gland i.e. Prolactin

Breastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful thing, but it can be a lot of struggle for some new mothers. You need to understand that you are not alone.

Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your baby.

I have jotted down some handy breastfeeding tips from my personal experience:



With all the hormones working around you and the baby delivery can have a profound impact which can very easily make you pressured. This is not an exam to prove you. Take your time. Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful living being you just created before it’s late.

Ask for help from your partner, your friends, your family. Get a support system and take alternate. Sleep often, take naps. As the saying goes only a “Happy and healthy mother can make Happy and healthy child.”



Whether you had natural birth or C-Section, getting up right after giving birth is not possible. Don’t be shy in asking for help from the immediate members available. The first few drops that are produced in the breast are called Colostrum and it is very essential for their immunity as it has lot vitamins, minerals, growth factors.

Babies sucking reflexes are strong during the first hour of their life so it’s very important to start the feeding at that time.

So make sure your baby has colostrum.



Developing a proper breastfeeding pattern can take from minutes to few days depending on how good your baby can latch.

But the good news is that baby does learn to latch.

Once a good latch is formed even the pain in your breast will gradually go away

Fortunately, my Gynecologist was also a lactation consultant so she conducted prenatal classes covering everything ranging for pregnancy nutrition to child care. One of the sessions was breast feeding. She was very stringent about breast feeding. Formula milk was a complete no-no unless there was very low milk production.

The thumb rule is holding the breast while feeding the baby for proper latching is forming C with your fingers. Thumb on the upper side of the breast and four fingers below the breast for easy grip. Make sure you are not touching the nipples or squeezing the nipples.

It is very important to check that baby’s nose is not being block or pressed by your breast.

If you are feeding the baby with you right breast then use your right hand till the elbow part to hold the baby i.e. baby’s head should rest on the elbow hinge of your right hand and your palm should be below the back of the baby. Use your free hand to make C. And there you go!!!!!

Use a pillow for the support below your right hand and behind your back. As sitting and breastfeeding can create a pain in back

Always look for a comfortable place for breast feeding.

20 minutes on each alternate breast in the gap of 2 hours

How would you know baby is getting enough milk? It is simple baby will not be a lot cranky and a will slowly gain weight.



It is very essential part after feeding the baby that you burp them. As baby tend so swallow some air along with the milk which can lead being gassy and cranky or even spit ups some times.

Invest some quality time in learning how to hold a baby in upright positions, before the baby arrives. You can use a doll.



Clothing after the delivery should be really comfortable and cotton preferably. The dress, shirt or top should have easy access for the baby while feeding. You can definitely rely on your partners shirt if you don’t want to end up spending too much money on few times use. I personally wore my husband’s cotton shirts at home while breast feeding my son.



The baby only knows the structure of your nipples so when you give them bottle mouth or nipples shaper pacifiers they may get confuse.



Before you start breast feeding make sure that you have everything that you may need accessible like watch, burp cloth, pillow, water, wash cloth etc.

Finally, please remember that your baby just want you to be near you. They don’t care if you are well dressed or you have put on your make up. They will love you even with all your messy hair.


Fed is always best. Always keep in mind that baby has to be fed either with breast milk or formula milk. So if your breast milk production is not sufficient for the baby, please talk to your doctor and start formula milk as advice. Remember formula milk or breast milk, baby will still loves you.

Always trust you motherly instincts. They work most of the time. At least for me.

Be ready to embark this beautiful journey of motherhood. Relish each and every moment of it. Their tiny feet and little fingers, their toothless grins, their sweet soothing sounds, their finger grips, their innocence, the sweetness everything. Kiss them, hold them, play with them, adore them and love them. This is once in a life time experience; make a full use of it.

Eat healthy, sleep on time and enjoy with your baby.



Sridevi Gundoju

Sridevi Gundoju is a proud is wife and mother of a 5 year old.  She is homemaker and likes to enjoy most of her time playing and inventing new ways of learning for her little one. She was in the teaching profession before the birth of her child.






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