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Introducing Pregawear Disposable Maternity Briefs

by The Mom Store 21 Sep 2023 0 Comments

The Mom Store: White Square; Pregawear; Prowee; Trawee; Maternity Pads; Maternity Briefs; Disposable Diapers


Welcoming all the wonderful mothers and mothers-to-be to The Mom Store! We are thrilled to introduce you to an essential addition to our product family - White Square: Pregawear's Disposable Maternity Briefs. Designed with the utmost care, these briefs are here to provide comfort and support during the incredible journey of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. The Mom Store maternity pad collection understands the unique needs of expecting and new mothers. This range of patented disposable maternity briefs is a testament to our commitment to providing comfort and care during this transformative phase of life.
Features and Benefits
  1. Specially Curated for Pregnancy and Postpartum that are designed to cater to all staged of pregnancy and postpartum period.
  1. Lochia Panties for Postpartum Recovery crafted to manage the heavy lochial flows that often accompany the postpartum period.
  1. High Absorbency and Leak Protection. These panties can manage up to 500 ml of flow, thanks to their super absorbent material and in-built leak guards, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry.
  1. Comfort and Convenience with the soft and extendable material around the waist prevents itching, pain, and discomfort, especially if you've had incisions. 
  1. Breathable and Hygienic as it comes with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, promoting a healthier healing environment.
  1. Size Options for Your Comfort.
  1. Better Healing and Care as these patented designs offer adequate air circulation around the groin area that aid in the better healing of incisions, allowing you to focus on the joys of motherhood.


Experience comfort, care, and convenience like never before with The Mom Store: White Square Pregawear Maternity Pad collection. Celebrate the joys of motherhood with confidence, knowing that you have the support and comfort you deserve. Try them today and discover the difference!   About The Mom Store: The Mom Store is a journey that celebrated motherhood and where families come first. Our curated online marketplace, www.themomstore.in, is your go-to destination for carefully crafted apparels and handpicked products that cater to the needs and aspirations of moms, kids and families.
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