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A Mom's COVID-19 Experience and Tips To Reviving Quarantine

by Monika Kothari 31 May 2021 19 Comments
A Mom's COVID-19 Experience and Tips To Reviving Quarantine


On the morning of 13th April 2021, I had a severe body ache and was having a little fever too. I got up and started my regular household chores. Every part of the body was saying No. My 2yrs old daughter Kashvi was getting cranky. I was not able to feed her milk. I told my husband Lokesh that I am not feeling well. He checked and said that I might be feeling low due to the household work. Somewhere my body was signalling to me that something is wrong. I preferred to agree with what my husband told me. 

I tried to push myself a little more. My body gave up this time. Every joint in my body was refusing to move. I checked my temperature, it was 101 degrees. I took a Dolo 650 and isolated myself. My condition was getting worse now the body temperature went to 103 degrees. I was not able to sleep or sit. We went to a doctor and he said to do an RT PCR test. I was sure that it would be positive. We did the test on the same day and we're waiting for the result.

I had few Covid-19 symptoms 

  • I had a fever above 100 degrees.
  • I had a severe body ache.
  • I lost my sense of smell and taste sense.
  • I was having a sore throat.
  • I was having a headache.

I was isolated meanwhile. This was the first time where my daughter Kashvi would be without me. Everybody in the family, my in-laws, nephews and my husband got worried about how they will take care of Kashvi. Even my whole concern was regarding Kashvi. This was the first time I won't be there to feed her, to play with her, to make her sleep. She was always around me. Even if I was in the kitchen, she would come and play with me there. 

After two days the result came positive. RTPCR counts came to 15. It was a little severe but the doctor said that I can recover by being home quarantined. All I needed to do was keep an eye on a few things.

Precautions in Home Quarantine 

  • I had to keep myself isolated in one room.
  • Keeping a track of the oximeter and my body temperature.
  • The oxygen level should not go below 94.
  • Steam and hot water gargle.
  • My toilet and bathroom should be separate.
  • No physical contact.
  • Washing hands from time to time.
  • Wear a mask while talking to someone.

I was so afraid, but all thanks to my husband Lokesh. He handled Kashvi well so that I got free of my half worries. I used to talk to Lokesh every day on a video call. Kashvi used to say "Mumma Aao Na Please" (Mumma please come). I took care of everything that the doctor prescribed me. It took me 11days to recover from the virus symptoms. Until then I hardly gave time to myself. My tongue taste was not proper and I used to have a weird smell from everything. I didn't like anything. No food, no workouts, nothing. The medicines used to make me sleepy all day. When I was feeling well, I used to read some books like Power of Subconscious Mind, Life Is What You Make It. These books helped me to be positive in quarantined time. This was the first time post-pregnancy after Kashvi was born, I was giving time to things that I liked. After completing 14days, I did the test again. It was positive again. This time RTPCR came to 20 counts. Doctor said it could be a dead virus.  For precaution the Doctor asked me to be quarantined for another 8days.

So I decided to make a list of things I can do to revive my quarantined period

  • Reading books 
  • It can be any novel, inspirational, motivational book. Books are your best friend when you are alone. They wake up with you all night. I collected books from my friends. I tried to read books that make me feel positive and motivated.

  • Meditation
  • I selected a few meditation videos from Sadhguru and added them to my playlist. Apart from that Om Chanting and other meditation-related videos. Meditation helps to keep my mind calm and focused.

  • Exercise
  • I was feeling quite well physically by this time. So I decided to utilise my energy to increase my stamina. I did some basic yoga for body stretching, flexibility and mobility. I didn't want to feel like I was jammed after recovering from quarantine.

  • Seminars
  • I enrolled in a few free seminars on my interest bases such as Naturopathy, Sound healing and a few fashion tips. I was very excited to know about it. I was completely free and I wanted to make the best out of it.

  • Writing 
  • I decided to follow my passion for writing. I  participated in a writing competition like Bombay Duck or decided to write about my learning experience.

  • Chit - chat
  • My friend Bharati used to call me during my quarantine period. She used to call me sharp at 9:30 pm. We used to talk for an hour, sometimes less and more. Apart from her, my Bhua( Aunt) used to call me every morning to take the blessing of Jodhpur Mataji (Goddess). My family members call and so on.

    Everything went well as per my plan. I attended a few seminars on Naturopathy, Sound healing. I did some blog writing on my blog. Even I submitted my poem on ' the letter '. I did reading, exercise. All the things which I liked except travelling which I was not allowed to and I was not supposed to. Otherwise, everything that I liked, and I could have done, I did. I explored things on the net, used to talk with my friends daily, took care of my body which I ignored post-Kashvi. I was missing Kashvi and Lokesh, and I was living my time.

    I know, I just had 8days on my hands. I realised that I was missing my time. I needed this time for myself. I just simply ignored myself after being a mother. My passion, my career, my hobbies, everything. Those 8days were completely reviving for me as a mother, like myself. After completing my quarantined period I came out. Lokesh was so happy to see the changes in me. He said, "You needed this time." I remember Kashvi's smiling and saying "Meri Mumma Aa Gai" ( My mom has come).


    Monika Kothari is a blogger outside the experience in import and export company as a Public Relation Executive, Marketing Executive in outdoor media firm. She is a house wife and a mother of beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing her experience and sharing to the world. 

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    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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    18 Jun 2021 Bhavya

    Superb!! Your article is very inspiring.

    18 Jun 2021 Pooja

    Hey Monika, loved the article very much. Keep it up! Looking for more from you.

    04 Jun 2021 Neelam

    Very nicely written 👌
    Keep up the good work😊

    03 Jun 2021 Sejal Daglia

    It’s so good to read this Di that you used your experience to help others fight this pandemic. You have also inspired me and people around you and you are really lucky to have Jiju and kashu who managed the situation outside because it would have been equally difficult for them and the best part is that you have used it wisely and nicely. You have always been brave and hope your blog inspires others as well

    03 Jun 2021 Bhavesh Jain

    This is called conveying Feelings through great simplicity and simple words !!!

    Keep up ur Passion !!!! Cheers

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