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5 Tips To Raise A Reader Effortlessly

by Sheeba Vinay 06 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Five Tips To Raise A Reader Effortlessly
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Reading is an essential part in every child’s life, no matter what reading habit should be inculcated in a child at an early age. Amid the ongoing crisis, parents are wondering ways to keep kids proactively busy. And what would be a more effective way than to ensure your kids with reading habits?

People ask me how I was able to mold my kids into readers. It was not an easy process but not an impossible one. All you need is to set an example in front of them.


Five simple steps I ensured in my daily life to infuse reading into my kids effortlessly:


1) Set an example – Read!

I am an avid reader myself, so, this part comes in handy. I used to read throughout my pregnancy, however old school it may sound, it is proven theory that an infant connects with you from the womb itself. When my baby was hardly six months, I introduced her to picture books. The bright colours would attract her, and she would make happy faces. When she was a year old, I would read out Loud illustration books making sound and acting out the part. Sometimes she would appreciate the effort, and other times she hardly pays any attention. But that is the testing phase, do not give up! Gradually I noticed she started showing interest in books and my 3 years old it becomes a habit to read by bedtime every single day.

2) Build a library at home

No matter how small or large your house is, set aside someplace for books. Keep a small space for your kid too and start collecting books particularly for them. Set some rules of arranging, rearranging, and dusting the bookshelf once in a week. Include your kid in the cleaning process. This not only gives them a sense of responsibility but only entrust them a significant amount of love for books.

3) Discuss books with your child.

We know the quote, A child who reads is an adult who thinks. Does that ring a bell? Reading helps a child develop their individuality and thoughts. And to ensure that parents should engage in healthy book conversations with kids. It may be a simple discussion about their favorite author, book, or character from any book. You will be surprised to realize how soon the simple discussion paved the way to thoughts that ignite a fire!

4) Run an errand to the world of books

Frankly speaking, how many of us are regularly taking kids to a bookstore, bookshop, or a library at least once a month? This is where we need to break the usual cliché. We often go to Cinemas, malls, and friends to make weekends more enthralling. How about including a bookstore visit in your itinerary? Even since your kid is a toddler make it a habit to visit the bookshop and allow them to run around the stack of books that are arranged neatly on the shelves. Sooner or later they will start picking up books for themselves!

5) The art of storytelling

Years ago, my father utters four beautiful words "once upon a time...". He was reading the kids version of the famous classic "The black beauty by Anna Sewell. I sat on my father's lap and was completely mesmerized by the way he narrated the entire story. Thereafter, it was a never-ending saga. My father sometimes made stories out of imagination as no more he could recall. While growing up I started reading more and more just to quench my thirst for more stories. The power of storytelling cannot be underestimated. It brings out the curiosity in kids and takes them to land full of imagination and happiness. Next time when your kid demands a story, get ready to be the best storyteller that you are. If you lack the same, try to find some storytelling Workshop for your kids and yourself.


Now with two daughters equally in love for books and reading, I can assure these simple steps are effective in the long run. However, nothing happens in the day. Remember, Rome was not built in a day!

I would love to hear your mantra on raising a reader, Comment and let me know!





Sheeba Vinay

Sheeba is an avid reader and an obsessive book collector. A proofreader, desk editor, content writer by profession. Founder of WeTalk, a writing community. Author of Children's ebook. When not writing she is constantly looking for a change and eagerly waiting to leave a mark of her own. Love to keep English simple, easy for everyone to read!



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