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10 Things I Discovered After Becoming A Mother

Motherhood is an altogether unique experience for all the moms and no one just discover it by following a standard book. It is all based on the practical experience of...

10 Things I Learnt After Becoming A Mother
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Motherhood is a roller coaster ride for every woman and it starts with her pregnancy tenure. Motherhood is an altogether unique experience for all the moms and no one just discover it by following a standard book. It is all based on the practical experience of you with your child. I do have my own and during this journey, I discovered myself in a better way.

1.I have learned to handle different mindset people:

I am a mother of two children who are just like the two opposite poles but attract only a few times, unlike Newton's law. The reason is not that they are opposite gender but they have unique distinct characters opposite to each other. That's the reason my second time parenting is also like new parenting. I keep trying to manage both kids mindset switching my attitude according to their behaviour. Hence it has made me a person who learned to handle different mindset people in the same platform in a better way.

2.Time management:

Supermoms have time constraints as they have a long list of a checklist in their super occupied brain. My checklist nurtures well in advance and I manage multiple things without being confused. This is such a boon learning proper time management and it helps me numerous times in my work too.

3.Patience is the need of the hour:

Patience is the greatest skill needed during parenting. Right from night parade of a baby to handling teenager tantrums a mother has to be patient enough to understand the situation and keep herself calm. In my course of the journey, it came to be on its own during parenting. Now, I am very patient with people and situations.

4.I understand my mom's importance more:

My love is becoming deeper for my mom as and when days are progressing. I just wonder how my mom managed multiple kids with fewer amenities and services. Now I understand her emotions and care in a much better way. She has been my inspiration to become a great mom.

5.I have learned to lie sometimes:

Yes, I am a liar and I feel great when said so. The reason is just to see a beautiful smile, a motivated and confident child. "Wow, such a lovely drawing son!" This is my statement when he draws something knowing her mom's interest and try his level best. The fact is my son is far away from art and craft. Hence, he just needs little push by motivational phrases, which could be lies as well.

6.I have learned to multitask:

From a chaotic character to a neat organiser, my journey is all about being more systematic. This transformation of mine from carefree person to a well-organised mom is a blessing of motherhood. I keep trying well to keep things in the proper place so it becomes catchy in less time.

7. I Grab all opportunities that came on my way:

You are neither a chef nor a teacher. But how do you know that?? When I left my career and decided to enjoy motherhood 24*7 I came across many platforms to develop as hobbies. I had neither explored them nor thought of exploring it but when I became a mother, I grabbed many new hobbies and became successful in all endeavours. Fashion designing, event organiser, cooking, handwriting expert, teaching from home and now blogging are all a part of my free time learnings.

8. We became a better couple:

Couple's life is a combination of sentiments, love, anger, arguments and reliance. Their love bloom with each passing years and stronger when they become a parent. Parenting has tied me and my husband in a rope of understanding and love.

9. I have started enjoying every moment:

Children can truly have fun with any simplest thing and can overjoy with a small token of love. Their needs and wants are limited as long as they feel secured and being loved. So, with their company, I too get my share of fun. I started enjoying watching cartoons, laugh at the very silly humour, dance on any funny tunes and play with them even with a piece of paper. Life is all so simple and pleasant for them and now for me as well.

10. I have started valuing money:

I was a spendthrift person as groomed with lots of pampering and freedom. After became a mother I started valuing each and everything that builds my home strong and wealth also a part of it. I started savings and spend wisely to have a better present and best future of my family.

Motherhood is indeed a great transformation for every woman!


Sagarika SahooSagarika Sahoo has done Masters in Finance and Masters in commerce and pursued her career as a lecturer. She had short term experience in IT companies as a finance professional as well. She is now a full-time mother of two adorable children and invests her time in writing blogs, quotes, poems, captions in various platforms. Writing is a passion for her and a companion to share her thoughts. She writes more about inspirational & motherhood related topics.

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